Restaurant as a holiday

Champagne restaurant in Moscow

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov

Text: Nina Farizova

Project author: Marina Putilovskaya

Designer: Tatyana Tikhonova

Magazine: N11 (166) 2011

The new Moscow restaurant "Champagne" in the French style is not just a restaurant. This is primarily a theatrical scenery for all kinds of holidays and even theatrical performances ...

"Restaurant" Champagne "was created for the creative woman, - says the interior designer Marina Putilovskaya. “She is not only his hostess, but also the owner of the famous Moscow company Prazdnik, which organizes events for children and adults. Therefore, I made this interior as a beautiful fairytale box, which can be transformed by color, light and music. The concept was that the "Champagne" quickly turned into a palace or castle. Here there are columns, sofas, a box, and a stage with excellent technical equipment ... All the space is made in beige tones, so that with the help of lighting one can easily change its color. The restaurant has a central hall, where there are tables, and several private zones are allocated. Furniture and chandeliers - antique, were personally brought by the hostess from Paris. “Champagne” is a French-style restaurant, into the interior of which we have introduced a deliberate palace and fabulousness. ”