Playing a movie

Dreams of a star interior

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov

Leading headings: Yevhen Shuer

Visagiste: Ekaterina Spiridonova

Model: Anastasia Afanasyev

Magazine: N4 (159) 2011

If the adult independent life is still very far away, why not approach the beautiful dream of a stellar acting career not from the practical but from the aesthetic side?

Sliding doors, black and white chairs, beige chair, sofa, pillow, coffee table, console, wall panel, vase, carpet, murano glasses, Fendi Casa; casket Renzo Romagnoli; table lamp, VGnewtrend; candlestick, Atena; aroma lamp, Lampe Bergerall - salon Voix Luxury Living. Хрустальная мелочник, Royale de Champagne, Decortex salon.