Painting in stone

Worthy of the Vatican and the Roman Forum mosaic of the brand Friul Mosaic

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov, from the archive of Friul Mosaic

Leading headings: Marina Volkova

Magazine: N11 (133) 2008

A mosaic worthy of the Vatican and the Roman Forum showed on "Interior Show" -2007 brand Friul Mosaic

The FRIUL MOSAIC stand resembled a museum exhibition. It seemed that you could see pictorial compositions in front of you, and I wanted to start looking for the signature of a famous master in the corner of the “picture”. But in reality this is not an ordinary painting made with paints, but a mosaic one - lined with small pieces of multi-colored marble and smalt (colored glass). Mosaic art is one of the oldest. It decorated Assyrian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman palaces, and for the first time it appeared in the Sumerians (in V-II millenniaBC e.). Palaces required decor, and wall paintings were not suitable for floors. But the mosaic is not only in no way inferior to the frescoes for its picturesque qualities, but was also quite durable and wear-resistant. Mosaic panels are a sign of a special, grand luxury. Now they are used in a variety of rooms, but their ceremonial "foundation" remains. For example, the panel works by the masters of FRIUL MOSAIC are in the Vatican and the Roman Forum - a worthy following of the ancient Roman tradition!