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Chests-works of furniture art, made by leading firms in the development of famous designers

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Leading headings: Elena Prytula

A photo: Evgeny Luchin, Vitaly Nefedov

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As a piece of furniture the chest will never become obsolete. Sooner or later, the desire to put things in order in the house leads to the purchase of a dresser, so that all small things, and not very much, things and gizmos were eventually laid out on shelves and drawers, where they can always be found. Just a dream! Dressers - luxuriously decorated cabinets with drawers - appeared in France in the XVIII century. They were always considered a symbol of prestige, and the most famous masters of the past centuries were engaged in their manufacture. Therefore, it is not surprising that even today replicas of ancient originals are so popular, and the current eclecticism of taste seems to be a plus rather than a minus. The dressers offered by FRANCESCO MOLON are, in fact, works of furniture art from different eras: from things in the style of Maggiolini, the famous Italian master of the 18th century, famous for his plot compositions in inlay technique, to Venetian dressers covered with exactly the same varnish as the famous Venetian gondolas. The basic principle - the "history" of the dresser should be romantic in spirit, and he is flawless in execution. Naturally, this formula “works” not only in the “classics”, but also in modern versions. The name of the color of the dresser created for BEHR Peter Mali, sounds like a spell for connoisseurs of top-class sports cars: this is the patented bright red color FERRARI. Speaking of lacquer: in this case, he is a piano. Everything is as it should be: first a thin leveling layer of gypsum, then at least 12 micron layers of lacquer. This is the only way to achieve a characteristic gloss. Exclusivity, of course, is guaranteed: each dresser has its own number printed on the handle. As for the color of modern dressers, experiments in this area are becoming so active that the psychedelic coloring of the furniture CAPPELLINI no longer seems extreme, and the scarlet color of VIEW looks almost classic. Materials for today's dressers - this is generally a "world without borders." Of course, respectable manufacturers of the "classics" - such as SELVA - traditionally use expensive woods: walnut, maple or cherry. In modern models, a variety of materials are combined: the internal details of the INTERLU..BKE dresser are made of incredibly soft to the touch perforated leather, which, of course, looks like outright sybarism. Or the dressers can be made of unique materials: LIGNE ROSET offers ultra-durable Alucobond - an alloy of aluminum and carbon. However, when it comes to the development of famous designers, no rules are no longer valid: Iero Deville created for COLOMBOSTILE very extravagant chest of traditional walnut. And I must say, it turned out a great mix from the styles of different eras. A special area is its own know-how, which is developed specifically for dressers. It is clear that today you will not surprise anyone with the loops with automatic finishing. But the ingenious mechanism for opening doors in the WITNOVA dresser is already interesting: outwardly they look like hinged doors, but open up as sliding doors - for those who don’t want the dresser to look like a banal wardrobe. What exactly is stored in the dresser - it does not matter, such things will be found in every home. Finally, laying them out on the shelves is an incomparable pleasure ...