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Andrea Turri, owner of the Italian factory Turri, is a financier by education, but he is also well-versed in the production entrusted to him.

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Magazine: N10 (209) 2015

Andrea Turri, owner of the Italian factory Turri, is a financier by education, but he is also well versed in the production entrusted to him

The TURRI factory is located in the city of Carugo, near Milan; workshops and a show room are located nearby. In 2013, she changed her location. The company bought a larger plot (30,000 square meters!) A few kilometers further than before due to capacity expansion and production expansion. The owner of the factory, Andrea Turri, is a born strategist, looking to the future. For example, he was one of the first to appreciate the potential of such a market as Africa. Just as we were given a tour, the factory was busy at work on a large-scale project intended for the decoration of the palace of the King of Swaziland. Part of the manufacturing process is mechanized, but much is still done manually. A typical example is the creation of lacquered surfaces that distinguish the furniture brand. Varnishing in several layers is made on a unique machine worth more than a million euros (Andrea revealed this secret to us). Then the product goes to the masters, who already manually, in the old fashioned way, repeatedly polish the surface with sponges, in order to achieve that very subtle shine that meets the standards of TURRI. Andrea — the perfectionist and the management of the factory - is understood not simply as financial supervision (although, of course, many years of consulting experience helps). His every working day begins with a “round of possession”; He says that is picky, strict, but fair. Before going to the customer, any product undergoes a multi-stage quality control: the workers treat their business as ardently as the owner.

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