Luxury, please!

Interview with Gerhard Crispl

Passing the gallery

Text: Marina Volkova

Magazine: N11 (122) 2007

Gerhard Krispl, exhibition organizer Luxury, please.®which will be held from 22 to 25 November in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, tells about the event and what is Viennese luxury

SALON: How was the idea born Luxury, please.®?

- We are holding the exhibition for the second time. Last year, it was very successful. Vienna, by the way, is one of the most successful places for such projects. The well-established definition of "luxurious" is fully consistent with the style and spirit of this city. Where, if not here, to hold events of the rank of luxury? Every year more and more world-famous brands open their representative offices, boutiques and salons in Vienna. Obviously, the public seeks closer acquaintance with them, and our exhibition serves precisely this purpose. On the other hand, many Austrian brands correspond to the level of luxury and at the same time are little known. We want to fill this gap and tell about them. By the way, we are not going to be limited only to Vienna, in the future such events are planned in Croatia.

S: Tell us more about what can be seen at the exhibition.

- First of all, the exhibition space itself is interesting. World celebrities collaborated with us in the field of design, thanks to which the exposition itself has become a real work of art. Without revealing all the secrets, I will tell you in two words: in front of the Hofburg, in the famous square, an oyster bar will be made of ice. The composition will complement the yacht and jet design Paolo Pininfarina. The magnificent Hofburg staircase will also become a platform for the experiment - it is decorated by the famous Italian designer Simone Micheli. Of course, among the exhibitors are jewelry, watch brands, car brands and all other participants in the luxury world.