Draper brushes of feathers and silk, of beads and ribbons

Passing the gallery

A photo: Dmitry Livshits, Alexander Dryor

Materials prepared: Julia Sakharova

Stylist: Liana Esqakia

Magazine: Decor N9 (98) 2005

It is not that brushes are necessary, but I really want to decorate the house with them. I want to such an extent that they become necessary! Feather Brush [1], Van Lathem, salon Lege Alto, ?? 32. Pink Silk Brush [2], salon "Empire-Decor", 1300 rubles. Ribbon Brush [3], Spina, £ 325, Feather Brush [4], I, boutique Togas, 5400 rub. Silk brush with black feathers [5], Van Lathem, "Gallery Arben", ?? 135. Feather Brush [6], I, boutique Togas, 1187 rub. Bead Brush [7], De Clercq, salon Lege Alto, ?? 82.