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Cabinet Malle Dedalus

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Interview prepared: Julia Sakharova

A photo: - © Dedar

Magazine: Decor N5 (149) 2010

This unusual item, trimmed with leather and fabric, is a bit like furniture of the era ar-deko, something - the Renaissance, but in general it looks like the thing of tomorrow. Meet: Malle Dedalus wardrobe

Raffaele Fabrizio tells: “This closet is a metaphor. When we invented it, we remembered how, in the olden days, cabinetmakers made chests for dowry: there were many secret drawers with a secret mechanism, including for jewels, and with magnificent decoration. These things were very harmonious and left a general impression of "architectural", like the furniture of the Renaissance. The work, of course, was entirely manual ... We wanted to create something similar. To realize their plans, invited famous designers Tristan Auer and Camille Fournet. Tristan designed the secret stuffing cabinet, and Camille created a magnificent black leather upholstery. Drawer design and fabric ornament DEDAR, which the cabinet is covered with inside, resembles a labyrinth, and this is also a symbol that is understandable to anyone who remembers the story of Daedalus. The labyrinth of the Minotaur, wings, flight - remember? All this symbolism is very important to us. That's why we called our wardrobe Dedalus. ”