In the watch workshop

L'Atelier Parmigiani boutique in Moscow

Passing the gallery

Text: Andrey Presnov

A photo: - press services

Idea: Thierry Konuu

Magazine: N5 (160) 2011

L'Atelier Parmigiani boutique in Moscow is not just a boutique, but also a mini-workshop

In the center of the boutique there is a watchmaker’s workplace. Visitors see the master as soon as they open the massive bronze door installed at the entrance. Immediately behind him is a secluded alcove. Here, sitting at small tables, you can take a closer look at the clock. The chronometers themselves are exhibited in shop windows. The walls of the boutique are hidden behind corrugated oak panels. This treatment made hard wood look like soft fabric. Ceiling lighting is disguised, only in the center above the watchmaker hangs a monumental lamp, the oval of which is covered with gold foil from the inside. The interior used tiles, ivory-colored silk, etched bronze, and all the furniture was made of stained oak by special order.