I'm motivating "decameron"

Moscow restaurant Chichibio

Passing the gallery

A photo: Evgeny Luchin

Interview prepared: Oksana Kashenko

Leading headings: Nina Farizova

Project author: Albina Nazimova

Magazine: N1 (156) 2011

В новом московском ресторане Сhichibio главный редактор журнала SALON-interior Oksana Kashenko встретилась с совладельцем заведения - музыкантом, актером, телеведущим, режиссером и продюсером Александром Цекало

Chichibio - an unusual restaurant. It is named after one of the characters of the Decameron, Giovanni Boccaccio, chef Quichibio. The restaurateur Alexander Orlov, the producer Alexey Bokov, and the television and film producer Alexander Tsekalo opened it for friends. The author of this project Albina Nazimova любит создавать именно такие интерьеры - для близких людей. И поэтому ее интерьеры всегда необычны и индивидуальны. Здесь домашняя атмосфера. Стоят стильные комоды, торшеры, рояль, фигуры из Восточного Тимора, коллекции насекомых в стеклянных баночках, которыми можно играть в шахматы... Лейтмотив всего интерьера - картины художников Дубосарского&Виноградова. Так что, пробуя изысканные блюда, можно одновременно наслаждаться современным искусством. Кухня здесь сугубо итальянская. Флорентийский шеф-повар Франческо Берардинелли сам владелец двух ресторанов в Тоскане и Флоренции, и при его содействии были открыты рестораны в США, Японии, Китае, Италии и на Филиппинах. В Сhichibio обязательно стоит попробовать тар-тар из говядины кьянина с горчичным мороженым, густой суп с домашней пастой и мидиями, ризотто со свеклой и скампи, а на десерт - лесные ягоды, запеченные под соусом «Сабайон».

Oksana Kashenko: Alexander, why did you decide to call the restaurant the name of the cheat-cheat from the Decameron? This is not a software work, not everyone read it, and certainly not everyone knows that Chichibio is pronounced “Kikibio”.

Alexander Tsekalo: Most of the controversies were around the pronunciation of the name: not many are really familiar with the Italian transcription. We even thought to give up and call ourselves “Chichibio”, but then we realized that if the restaurant is visited by lovers of Italian cuisine, they probably come to Italy, which means there can be no compromise: if given an Italian name, you need to pronounce it accordingly. And why, in fact, the name Kikibio worse than any other Italian name?

OK.: Why do you need a restaurant?

A.C .: Would you like to have your own restaurant? .. Of course, I would. I think that this is the dream of any normal person - to have your own restaurant, cafe, dumplings, snack bar, finally.

OK.: Let's say, but what's the point of opening another Italian restaurant, of which there are so many in Moscow?

A.C .: And we have an unusual Italian restaurant. We do not have the usual dishes filled with mouthwash, but there is a unique cuisine of the city of Siena. Tuscan region - the richest of all Italian on a variety of dishes. We, for example, have a tar-tar menu with mustard ice cream! Of course, this is not a classic ice cream, but rather a sorbet of mustard sauce, but the taste is unforgettable. There is still a risotto with beets, many different dishes from offal that are unusual for our taste and mind.

Another difference is our guests. All three restaurant co-owners - Alexander Orlov, Alexey Bokov and I - made every effort so that you could meet good people here. Known or unknown, familiar or unfamiliar. The main thing - those with whom it is pleasant to communicate.

OK.: Speaking of differences ... In your Italian restaurant is not at all Italian interior. Frankly, I like it: it is unusual, fresh, cozy here.

A.C .: Worked on the interior Albina Nazimova, and everything that she does turns out well. Here Albina came up with a bar counter. The room itself is very difficult for a restaurant - stretched out and supposedly divided into two rooms. And we could not understand what could be done to unite the halls. And she "composed" the bar, and we did not regret it at all. In Moscow, finally, too, comes the culture of bar counters. In London, for example, in many restaurants and bars, people even order seats at the bar counters, because it sets a special style of communication, a special, democratic atmosphere.

As for the non-Italian interior, I can say one thing: we all do what we like. Yes, we do not have an Italian interior, but the question arises: what is considered Italian? But we have a cozy and unusual: on the walls hang the original works of contemporary art. These pictures cost 70,000 euros, and the sculpture of Buratino Chapman brothers at the entrance costs 50,000 euros. All - from the personal collection of Sasha Orlov. Where did you see such a restaurant in Moscow? .. My wife and I recently went to Las Vegas and went to a new hotel built by Norman Foster, it is called Aria. I had the impression that Norman Foster gathered all his students-students and said: “Go ahead guys, come off, do everything you wanted to do!” Each floor, each room, each hall is decorated in its own way. In the interiors of this hotel you can actually make films about star wars: it looks as if from 2050. Do not convey in words! And in the lobby of this fantastic, crazy hotel there is a huge sculpture - a flower made of many multicolored kayaks, which were stuck into the core of this flower ... You know, this is strong!

So, I think that for many of our visitors, the paintings and photos that they see on the wall are an important symbol. Those who know about Dubossarsky and Vinogradov will appreciate immediately. Who does not know - will get acquainted.

OK.: It was hard to work with Albina Nazimova? She's a perfectionist.

A.C .: Not easy, true, but the result is worth it. She knows such things and thinks up things that you don’t think of yourself. We chose, for example, chairs for a restaurant, and on their backs - cast heads of a lion with a ring - these are still hung on the door. And Albina took it and took it all off, and the backs became smooth. She said that when a lot of jewelry, bad, dazzled, does not look. And I realized that I agree with her. Or she came up with one table left without a tablecloth.

OK.: Alexander, and you yourself cook something?

A.C .: I'm cooking. But not such dishes as in our restaurant. I became interested in cooking according to the recipes of Niki Belotserkovskaya. Everything is simple and tasty. She even has cooking classes in the south of France, they are now in a frenzied queue. In general, I believe that at the present time it is a great luxury to learn how to cook for yourself, for friends, for guests.

OK.: What else do you think is luxury?

A.C .: For me, luxury is a private jet. If I had a little more money, I would buy myself a plane, so that both my family and I would no longer have problems with passport control, customs, baggage ...

My daughter was born in Italy, in a city from which there are no direct flights to Moscow. When I was going to take them home with my wife, I realized that it would be very difficult and inconvenient. And decided to book a private jet. It was such a happiness! We boarded a plane with a sleeping child, and she did not even wake up on the road.

And for me, luxury is the ability to say “stop” making money. Now the proverb “Time is money” is one hundred percent true. And if you are successful, then the proposals to do that, and the other, and something else come and go. And it's very hard to say no. And I understand that one day it must be done. Because at home - a favorite child who, when I come home, runs to me, hugs, says: “Dad, Dad!” And this is a real luxury - to put things off and come home early to sit next to you.