Home panopticon

In the home office, you can sometimes find the most outlandish objects in the most incredible combination of them. Antique loupes, laptops, pens, paperweight, figurines, smoking accessories, photo frames, butterfly collections, a bottle of whiskey, chess, watches peacefully coexist here.

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov, Ekaterina Morgunov

Leading headings: Natalya Vasilyeva

Stylist: Yevhen Shuer

Magazine: H (76) 2003

In the home office, as in the belly of a giant shark, sometimes you can find the most outlandish objects in the most incredible combination of them. Because the office is "the room equipped for any special occupations". And our classes can be very different. And now antique loops, laptops, smoking accessories, paperweight, pens, brushes, rulers, figurines, photo frames, documents, engravings and maps, boxes, books, papers, butterflies collection, bottle of whiskey, silk scarf, chess and watch. And if in the office rooms we work hard, then at home at the desk, lounging in the leather chair of the office, we rest1. Fountain pen, OMAS, boutique "pen.ru." Glasses collection SWAROVSKISilhouette, salon "Interoptika". Round cutter, Davidoff, boutique Davidoff. Desk with inlaid tortoise shell and gold etching, FAMA, salon "R-studio".2. Барометр, Transalpina; ежедневник, Cartotecnica, все - бутик "ручка.ру". Кофейная пара (лиможский фарфор), коллекция Tuileries, Robert Haviland&C. Parlon; лупа, Nauticalia; серебряная перьевая ручка, Ari D'Norman, все - бутик "Интероптика". Раунд-каттер, Davidoff, бутик Davidoff. Колокольчик из латуни, Original Books, салон English Interiors. Кофейный столик, FAMA; кожаное кресло, Pozzoli; подушки из тканей Rubelli и Provasi; бронзовая скульптура "Цапля", Theodore Alexander, все - салон "R-студия".3. Notebook in leather cover, Multi; crystal inkwell with fountain pen (frame, lid and pen in sterling silver), silver paperweight, magnifier, pill box and bookmark, Ari D'Norman, all - boutique "Interoptika". Paper cutter, Etains Michel Laude, Arte di Vivere gallery. Figurine "Acrobat", pencil holder with a relief depicting the head of a lion, all - Lalique, Pavilion Lalique. Glass inkwell, art deco gallery "Ethno". Rice paper, gallery "Zendo". Walnut bureau office, Provasi, R-studio salon.4. Humidor, decorated with horny plates, stand for business cards from the horn, all - ARCA, gallery Arte di Vivere. Ring of black crystal with gold, a collection of Medicis; figurine "Labrador" of black crystal; crystal glass, collection Mosaique; crystal watches with corian base, Hypnos collection, all - Baccarat, Baccarat boutique. Lamp Logo 2 with onyx shade, Flint leather tray, Ecuador leather photo frame, Cambridge desk, Dallas armchair, all - Armani Casa, Armani Casa boutique.5. Шкатулка, пепельница и ваза из перламутра, R&Y Augousti, галерея "Этно". Деревянная ваза Full, коробка, пенал и подставка для бумаги Eolie из кожи и металла, фотофор Festa, кожаная записная книжка Caldura, деревянные подсвечники Amelia, секретер Boston, стул Broni, все - Armani Casa, бутик Armani Casa.6. Ceramic figurine "Duck", China, sir. XX century. Gallery "Ethno". Hexagonal dish of bamboo, Asia, shop Domino Gallery. Handmade casket (wood, covered with leather, painting), sir. XX century., First-aid kit of teak, magnifying glass with malachite handle, brush and ink for calligraphy, desk handmade (teak, details - brass), all - China, salon of the colonial interior "Gallery O".7. Fan, 30s. XX century. Gallery "Ethno". Casket, Maitland-Smith; brass lamp, Christopher Hyde, all - English Interiors salon. Cigar and walnut lighter, Davidoff, Davidoff boutique. Flask, Edzard, shop "Domino Gallery". Watches, Сappani, boutique "Interoptika". Photo frame (copper embossing), Portico; bronze figurine "Elephant", Grange; poster, Flamant, all - boutique grange. Sendai Fabric, Jab, Labyrinth Salon. A writing table made of rattan and buffalo leather, a glass and a stand for writing materials, everything — the Borneo collection, Philippines, the salon of the colonial interior "Gallery O"8. Статуэтка "Лев", Lalique, павильон Lalique. Бронзовая чернильница, мраморный подсвечник, керамический сосуд и хрустальная шкатулка с деталями из бронзы, фигурки "Совы", все - салон "Абитарэ Интерьер". Коробка и рамка, обтянутые кожей угря, R&Y Augousti; статуэтка "Баклан", ар деко, 30s. XX century. All - Gallery "Ethno". Address book, collection Arte Medici, Multi; bottle and glass in leather cases, Kangaroo, all - boutique "pen.ru." Bone knife for cutting paper, ARCA, gallery Arte di Vivere. Decorative cup, Oggetti d'Arte; desk and chair, Executive collection, dresser, decorated in the technique of marquetry, collection New Empire, Francesco Molon, all - interior "Francesco Molon"