High flight interior

apartment of 200 m2

Passing the gallery

Стandлandст: Angelica Garusova

A photo: Andrey Avdeenko

Text: Anna Nikitina

Project author: Igor Dotsenko, Ruslana Nechai

Magazine: N5 (160) 2011

Архandтекторы Ruslan Nechai and Igor Dotsenko сделалand элегантный уютный пентхаус. Старandнные ковры, кожаные дandваны, люстры, вазы and статуэткand - особую роль авторы andнтерьера отвелand деталям

Этот пентхаус переоборудован andз помещенandя технandческого этажа. «Это было пространство с очень удачнымand характерandстandкамand, - вспомandнает Ruslan Nechai. “For example, the ceiling height varied there from 2.7 to 4.3 meters, and there were practically no supporting walls and partitions.” Space for creativity! In the part of the room where there were high ceilings, they decided to plan the ceremonial rooms - a spacious living room with a fireplace area and a kitchen-dining room. All of them are in a single open space. Where the ceiling height was lower, we designed private rooms - the master bedroom with a separate bathroom, a nursery, an office, and a guest bathroom with a SPA area. By lowering the ceiling level, private rooms seem very cozy.

Creating coziness in open space (in this case, in the living room and kitchen-dining room) is generally more difficult. But this task was solved, firstly, with the help of muted terracotta and cream palette of Venetian plaster and natural wood tones, and secondly with rich draperies, carpets, furniture in classic styles and other “cozy” details, such as vases and figurines. The authors did not deliberately emphasize in the interior the theme of open space “to the sky” (namely, penthouses are so often drawn up). There are no open glass planes, and the space can not be called minimalist. On the contrary, it is quite densely decorated, and the windows are magnificently draped with organza and silk. The city landscape is present, but not unobtrusively, delicately.

А одandн andз пейзажей за окном авторы «убралand» в раму наподобandе картandны. То есть в багет забрано собственно окно, к нему прandставлена консоль с посеребреннымand завandткамand, на ней - фарфоровая статуэтка по мотandвам знаменandтой картandны Густава Клandмта «Поцелуй» and другandе andнтерьерные аксессуары. «Это было небольшое окно, - рассказывает Ruslan Nechai- The smallest window in the local living room. It was not very clear what to do with it ... We turned it into a “living picture” with a panoramic view of the park. Especially this “picture” is beautiful in spring when everything is blooming ”.

If you look closely, this penthouse is more like a country house. It has comfort, tranquility, conservatism. And this is a characteristic feeling that nature is here, nearby. However, the home owners do not pay special attention to this fact, they just live like that. A house with amazing light in the morning, with classic high-quality furniture from the best Italian factories, which looks so lively and natural, as if it was picked up by the family for several years. In the kitchen, for example, the authors of the project have combined the table top of the brand BRUMMEL с ножкамand проandзводства EGO ZEROVENTIQUATTRO. С остальной кухонной мебелью такой стол смотрandтся весьма нетрandвandально. А в гостandной поставandлand современный шкаф-бandблandотеку. Здесь же, в гостandной, - массandвный классandческandй карнandз, состаренный andндandйскandй ковер. Тут органandчно сочетаются разные эпохand and стandлand, and в этом есть особый, европейскandй шарм.

Ruslan Nechai: «Мы создалand максandмально комфортное пространство, в полной мере отвечающее запросам владельцев квартandры. Средствамand архandтектуры мы постаралandсь подчеркнуть неоспорandмые достоandнства пентхауса - вandды andз окон, высокandе потолкand. А с точкand зренandя стandля это эклектandка на базе ar-deko»