Free children of the ether

петербургский магазин средств сотовой связи Sky-Telecom Maria Makhonina, Alexandra Kazakovtseva Внимание, пришельцы! Необычный антураж петербургского магазина средств сотовой связи Sky-Telecom

Passing the gallery

Text: Olga Gvozdeva

A photo: Peter Lebedev

Architect: Maria Makhonina, Alexandra Kazakovtseva

Sculptor: Taras Pyshta, Ekaterina Nikonova

Magazine: N11 (56) 2001

Mobile phones are firmly established in our lives, and no one thinks about what kind of entourage should correspond to them. This question was not asked by the architects of the St. Petersburg studio "MK-Interio", until they began to work on the interior of a mobile phone shop. This is where the problem arose: how in a small space is the best way to present a variety of tubes, chargers, and so on ... Goods are running, but ... small! After going over and discarding many options, they stopped on the ufological topic. And they were right. After all, the principle of the omnipresent "numbers" for most average users is the same secret as the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Both are free children of the ether. Visitors to the Sky-Telecom store on Artillery Street, 3, are immediately involved in the game. Having crossed a threshold, they confidently go to a transparent tuba in the center of a hall, obeying a sight of the "stranger" standing in it. This inevitable route is included in the author's "script." The alien is not exactly languishing in unwitting imprisonment, he rather misses from forced loneliness. This space character lives ... in the window. And while customers make a ritual walk around the window, looking at the phones exhibited here, the humanoid examines people, thinking about something.