Ethnic evolution

Furniture in the decoration of coconut, mother of pearl and sea shells from exotic islands on the stand of the company "Indomebel"

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov

Leading headings: Marina Volkova

Magazine: N11 (133) 2008

Furniture in coconut, mother of pearl and sea shells from exotic islands presented on "Interior Show "-2007 company "Indomebel"

Wicker rattan and carved wood are already perceived as something familiar. Having essentially exotic origin (Indian, Malaysian), they ceased to seem unusual and entered the ranks of solid, generally accepted materials. What will replace them? After all, exotic is associated with something non-standard, unconventional for European perception.

Carlo Pessina, the creator of the CARLO brand, believes that the future belongs to an "experimental" ethnicity claiming innovation. He, an Italian by birth, settled in Bali at the end 1970s. At first he was engaged in textiles, then he became interested in furniture design. “Furniture should be created, firstly, by hand, and secondly, from unusual materials,” says Pessina. “Natural materials that have never been associated with furniture have been important for my brand.” For example, coconut shell. A mosaic is created from the pieces of the shell, which covers the surface of the product. Still as the finishing materials used are shell rock, sea pebbles, tree bark and mother of pearl. Carlo has also developed an unusual material terrazzo, which consists of crushed nacre, stone and metal on a glue base. All these materials can be combined in one subject, for example, polished coconut shells, terrazzo with splashes of nacre, shells and bog oak in the decoration of a dresser or armchair. The designer believes that an unbanal ethnics, ethnics of the future, should be just that.