I was visiting 'siran'

interior of the restaurant "Cyrano" Szabolcs Kyvshi

Passing the gallery

A photo: Evgeny Luchin

Text: Nadezhda Serebryakova

Designer: Szabolcs Kyvshi

Magazine: N5 (28) 1999

Here is joyful, cozy, easy. And only professionals truly understand what labor and talent it took to achieve all of this. Designer Szabolcs Kyvshi is a Hungarian who lives and works in Switzerland - a person who is surprisingly inventive and tireless. For example, when designing chairs for the Cyrano restaurant, he invited the children to speak about his work, advise something new. The artist never repeats in his projects, so the restaurant has no analogues. Three of its halls are made in different styles, but combined with common details. For example, the lines of the furniture of the first hall are repeated in the forms of the ceiling lamps of the second. And the upholstery of furniture "under the zebra" in the second hall is copied by the pattern of the floor mosaic in the third and so on. And the whole interior - from furniture to lamps and the smallest fragments of decor - is made by craftsmen from Italy, Austria and Hungary. We add that in 1997, Szabolcs Cuvshi was recognized in Hungary as the best designer of the year.