Design on the guard of rock and roll

Club "Pa Ti Pa" in Kiev Gulya Khabibulin, Dmitry Shtompel

Passing the gallery

A photo: Roman Town Hall

Leading headings: Nina Farizova

Architect: Gulya Khabibulina, Dmitry Shtompel

Magazine: N1 (90) 2005

In the West, clubs in the style of the 60-70s almost always refer visitors to the subject of creativity Beatles and Elvis Presley. Architects Gulya Khabibulina and Dmitry Shtompel decided to revive and revive the traditions of the past and opened the "Pasti Pas" club in the center of Kiev (Museum per. 10). Indisputable rock and roll institution give a changing light and sound. The design does not stand out from the chosen style: leatherette, plastic and vinyl wallpaper emphasize the deliberate artificiality of space. The portrait of Elvis (which is not immediately recognized by everyone) was placed near one of the many screens, as confirmation that "rock and roll is alive"!