Circles and squares

Moscow salon of the Neklyuziv chain; Yuliya Vishnepolskaya, Andrei Kartsev, Stanislav Bakurin

Passing the gallery

A photo: Dmitry Livshits

Text: Julia Shaginurova

Architect: Julia Vishnepolskaya, Andrei Kartsev, Stanislav Bakurin

Magazine: H (76) 2003

And it makes the space an unmistakably recognizable piece of the Kartsev and Vishnepolskaya bureau. Because although the authors of Nekklyuziva and insist that the design of the cabin determined a set of random factors, they managed with this set of “accidents” in a very characteristic way. Here is a typical game with geometric forms for their objects, the ability to fit a massive form into a small space, a natural combination of seemingly incompatible textures and materials. The interior of the cabin is always multifunctional - this is a shop, a showroom, a meeting area, and a place for concentrated thinking. These functions are equal and therefore must be equally taken into account by the designer. The architects partly invented a new salon for themselves - they are old partners of Nekklyuziva, therefore the cabin ergonomics are not just thought out - it is verified by the experience of a seasoned consumer. Everything here - from the location of sources of natural light to the device of meeting areas - is intended for a professional, to whom space itself provides an opportunity for a balanced and comfortable choice.