The american dream

Master class from Donghia representative Ani Paskolo

Passing the gallery

Text: Elena Efremova

A photo: - press services, Elizaveta Yakhno

Magazine: (158)

The interrelation of landscape and architecture, interior and exterior is a topic that has been exciting designers and architects at all times, but it has become especially relevant today.

The representative of DONGHIA Anya Paskolo told the story of how the son of Italian tailors Angelo Donghia became the legislator of the American interior fashion of the 70s. And why he was entrusted to design their homes Donald Trump, Ralph Lauren, Liza Minelli, Kevin Klein, Demi Moore and other celebrities. What style decisions he used to create the interiors of the Metropolitan Opera Club, the Four Seasons hotel chain and Tiffany boutiques. And also what subjects of those times are still issued under the brand name DONGHIA.