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Symbolism in the interior

Passing the gallery

Text: Maria

A photo: Mikhail Stepanov

Magazine: N5 (50) 2001

I draw a heart - I mean love, I say "black" - I mean separation ... There is no more expressive direction in art than symbolism. There are paintings-symbols, there are things-symbols. They are ornamental, and in this case the ornament is not a decorative element, but a “text” that conveys the essence. Such items immediately attract attention, they can be read like a book ... Fans of Klimt and Beardsley are dedicated ... These things are alive, they say ... Symbols surround us everywhere. A small child, for the first time starting to speak, expresses his thoughts in one word - and this is more capacious than thousands of florid phrases. Have you seen how children draw? The most talented artists cannot boast such expressiveness of stylization as can be found in children's drawings ... "Black rose is an emblem of sadness, red rose is an emblem of love ..."