By own measure

Fireplace as a masterpiece in the interior

Passing the gallery

A photo: Dmitry Livshits, Zinon Razutdinov

Text: Julia Sakharova

Magazine: Decor N7 (140) 2009

In recent years, the author’s interior, especially individual, handmade, has become increasingly valuable.

Portal fireplace in Russian style modern made exaggeratedly large and exaggeratedly wavy. This is the very detail that holds the entire interior of the fireplace. Large detail in a relatively small room works on the principle of paradox: it seems more. The portal is made of cherry wood according to the drawings of architects.

Wall above the fireplace is decorated with another ornament - stucco, in the style ar-deko. Gypsum frieze feels cool: both the color (cool white) and the strict geometric pattern in the style work ar-deko. He exceptionally beautifully emphasizes the fireplace portal of warm cherry wood. Parquet made by the author's sketch.