Billiard state

Design of a billiard room in a private interior

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Lead headings: Danila Gulyaev

Magazine: N10 (99) 2005

Judging by the new private interiors, the most popular game in the country is billiards. Equipping a separate billiard room in the house is no longer a blatant luxury, but quite an elementary Actually, the billiard room in the house is the second room, but not for business or even for games. Billiard room is a representative space for the soul. The home billiard room has two main uses. First to play. Secondly, to be. No matter how outrageous the second option sounds, it is closer to real life, because, like the office, it is not necessary to use billiards directly, but it definitely creates a mood. And accordingly, not the game table itself comes to the fore, but the overall situation, the actual design. There are certain clichés of the billiard room organization, which are good if properly arranged, but they can easily be broken and to achieve unexpected effects. Tell your designer about it. The billiard room is most often placed in non-essential areas of the house - in the attic, the basement, on the covered terrace, veranda, etc. It is logical, yet the room for the game does not satisfy the basic needs of everyday life, and all of these loci are not empty, but are used with sense and sense. In actual fact, the attic and the veranda are places of heightened romance, a certain wrong side of the house or apartment, it is no coincidence that children like to play here. Accordingly, it is well played here and adults. But on the other hand, it is no less logical to make a billiard area in the living room or dining room, especially if they are complex and branched, as is now fashionable. A home billiard room can have different role models. For example, the billiard room is like an English club, that is, with a fireplace, a vinotheque, combined with a room for smoking cigars. This is emphasized male territory. Or a billiard room as a nightclub - with a bar, lounge chairs and unusual lighting. Relevant billiard, imitating the pub, with all the attendant attributes. But all of the above is suitable for those who treat billiards as one of the entertainment. Billiard room for fans of the game - the space, by definition, minimalist, so that nothing distracts from the process. But this is a completely different topic.Decorator Olga Lisitsyna: "The house is built in the English style. The billiard area is in the attic and shares it with a dressing room hidden behind glass doors tightened with cloth. The walls are plastered with English wallpaper in the checkered area. The billiard room budget was small, so the decor is simple. for Kant, they used a shade of green, such specifically English. The beams were decorated similarly. "Architect Alexey Levin: "This is not the interior of the billiard room as such, the billiard table is installed in a single area of ​​the living room, dining room and kitchen. The owner of the house is an ascetic person in everyday life, he loves simple, understandable things. Therefore, playing billiards in this case is so that you can play in between times. The most important thing here is that the room is spacious, there is nothing holding back, including some contrived design. I think this is logical, because a separate billiard room is a room that is rarely used, I can tell my experience. And here the very concept of the house is to make not the interior, but the space for living. "Architect Elena Farvazova about your project (co-author Elena Vygovskaya): "All the rooms of this house are decorated in different styles. We made the billiard-room in the spirit of the English cabinet, so that it was cozy. And the office as such, by the way, is also present behind a fencing of transparent glass boxes through which both the billiard room and the living room are viewed. also glass, however, it is covered with carpet and a bear skin. In the ceiling of the attic, we cut through the windows so that daylight fell on the billiards.Architect Irina Karpenko: "This billiard room is part of a kind of nightclub at home. The room is in the basement with a sufficiently low ceiling. To create the illusion of a high room, the walls and ceiling were decorated with black structural plaster, which was additionally painted first with black and then silver paint. This gives depth, non-uniformity colors. The floor is bright, glossy, reflects the ceiling, and the whole room seems to be bottomless. The mosaic on the ceiling imitates a wave. and - the effect is dizzying. "