Beginning of the century

country house with a total area of ​​644 m2 in the Moscow region

Passing the gallery

A photo: Kirill Ovchinnikov

Text: Marina Volkova

Stylist: Olga Roslova

Project author: Cyril of Cities, George Gingerbread

Magazine: N6 (161) 2011

Architects from the Artel office built a Russian-style mansion near Moscow modernin its modern interpretation

The customer of this object wanted the exterior and interior of the mansion to be designed in the spirit of Russian, or rather Moscow modernа. Тем более что само место, где находится дом, имеет богатую культурную историю. На здешних дачах отдыхали Исаак Левитан, Андрей Белый и многие известные театральные деятели того времени. Заказчик хотел получить «дом с историей», но был против сухой музейной атмосферы. Архитекторы бюро «АРТЕЛЬ» предложили ему проект - вариацию на тему московского modernа, основанный на традиции, но интерпретирующий ее в современном ключе.

The three-storeyed mansion has two entrances and is permeated vertically by a three-light atrium with an anti-aircraft lantern located on the roof being operated. The main entrance, from the entrance to the house, is decorated with a massive circular arch, above which the composition “Pines”, made in the technique of graffiti, was placed. It is a cross between a fresco and a thin bas-relief: on a multi-layer plaster “in a raw way”, by cutting layers, an image is drawn. This panel used floral motifs, referring to the style modernа, Viennese Art Nouveau and the works of Gustav Klimt. The facade is also decorated with a belt of golden mosaic and multi-colored majolica reliefs with floral ornaments. Ceramics masters depicted the crowns of trees, echoing the natural environment of the house - ship pines. Architects, making the most of the glazing, also decided it in the tradition modernа: in the key zones, in the glass unit, partitioned stained-glass windows made of one-colored glass with a floral pattern are installed.

Cyril of Cities, one of the authors of the project, says that the interior of the mansion was conceived as complex, worked out carefully, it was all the details that were drawn. By the end of the work, two volumes of thumbnails alone had accumulated. Gypsum stucco, all doors, portals, a library and an internal staircase in the house were made by the artists according to the author’s sketches and turned out to be multi-layered, with delicate decor and plasticity - these were the very buildings that were decorated at the beginning of the 20th century. At the same time, the fencing of the second light on the second floor is made of transparent triplex. On the question of how this modern material fits into the aesthetics of style modernThe architects answer that they wanted to pay tribute to the tradition and at the same time show that we already live in the 21st century.

Therefore, the furniture picked up mostly modern, so as not to overload the interior. Although there are some antiques. Thus, a twisted cast-iron staircase, made in Germany at the end of the 19th century, leads to the operated roof with boardwalk, and in the master bedroom there is a small French stove of the same time. By the way, still works great. And a replica of Rene Lalique's stained glass window "Naiad". It decorates the hall of the first floor. In a word modern here in everything, but it is served unobtrusively. This is what the architects wanted.

George Gingerbread: “In this project we tried to avoid direct quoting. This is the interior - based on Moscow modernа. Мы стремились использовать синтез искусств, материалов и техник, характерных для этого стиля, - майолику и перегородчатые витражи, живопись, а также растительные и природные орнаменты, популярные в modernе. Было создано множество эскизов, прорисовывалась каждая деталь»