Beach gaudi

Beach Club-Disco "Ibiza" (Odessa) Yuri Belikov, Sergey Teplyakov

Passing the gallery

Text: Julia Shaginurova

A photo: Alexey Reydalov

Architect: Yuriy Belikov, Sergey Teplyakov

Sculptor: Arsen Chelidze

Magazine: N10 (77) 2003

Probably every architect wants to build something like that. The attraction object is both simple and intricate, conceptual and massive. The work, which is equally a quote and artistic declaration. Beach club-disco "Ibiza" in Odessa Arcadia is just such an object. From different points, its fluid forms of plastered reinforced concrete resemble either the gigantic skulls of Disney characters or the dance of alien aliens. In fact, these exalted buildings are artificial grottoes, gazebos and halls for the club public, connected by forged bridges and crossings. Almost half of the effect of "Ibiza" is provided by a sharp contrast of dazzling white with shades of blue and green - that is, surrounding landscape. At night, the white walls themselves act as a backdrop for stage light. All this really speaks of Spain, but not of the disco island of Ibiza, but of Barcelona. It turned out such a Gaudi for vacationers - perfectly built into the landscape, spectacular and direct ...