Azure and flowers

Trisha Guild: "The main color is blue"

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Materials prepared: Julia Sakharova

A photo: Anna Gorbunova, - press services

Magazine: Na (168) 2012

Azure color this year - one of the most sophisticated trends of high fashion. And now he declares his rights in the interior, combined with the shades of the "Indian" range. Fashionable pattern - bouquets

The blue color is back! But this is not the blue one that was fashionable 15 years ago and combined with bright yellow in minimalist interiors. Today, blue is more tender, closer to azure, and the forms of its use are different - in floral ornaments of wallpaper and fabrics and in plain upholstery. The shades with which it is fashionable to combine the azure-blue color today are from a radiant Indian palette: these are the colors of tropical flowers and the sari of Indian beauties. By the way, Amrapali is the name of a dancer from the famous 1966 Bollywood film.

“Do not read Soviet newspapers!” Said Professor Preobrazhensky. It was there that it was explained that the height of absurdity in clothes is a combination of blue and yellow, and the top of petty-bourgeoisness in the interior is floral ornament. Today, internally (and externally, too) a free person who travels a lot and sees a lot can interpret all this as a guide to action, but with exactly the opposite. Then the interior will shine with foreign paints and remind you of a holiday in Goa. By Soviet standards - absolute dissidence.

Designer Trisha Guild: “We did not accidentally call our new collection Amrapali: it is dedicated to India, inspired by it. You will not find national Indian patterns here (the pattern of these wallpapers is based on the classic European floral ornament), but the palette itself is Indian. The main role in the collection is played by the blue color - the color of the clear sky, and it is complemented by bright pink, saffron yellow, and purple.