Around its axis

двухуровневая квартира общей площадью 275 м2 (Москва) Inna Kozheurova

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov, Ekaterina Morgunov

Stylist: Nina Mahmurova

Interview prepared: Yana Ivanchenko

Project author: Inna Kozheurova

The painting: Edward Grigoriev

Construction Manager: Elena Fedorova

Magazine: N (98) 2005

For the metropolitan apartment two floors is not at all uncommon. But, looking closer, you will notice that in this interior, the architect Inna Kozheurova managed to beat this “two-story building” in a special way. Upstairs, where there used to be an attic, she made a large seating area. Sitting comfortably in a lounge chair, you stop noticing that the ceiling here is much lower than in a regular apartment. From the window under the roof is interesting to watch the clouds. Or look through the glass floor in the room below. О работе над интерьером рассказывает Inna Kozheurova.SALON: Inna, how did you get the idea to create a two-light living room in the center of the apartment and a roundabout gallery on the second floor? - The apartment that we furnished together with Elena Fedorova is located on the top floor of the house. The owners decided to make residential and attic. So we had a second tier on the plan that needed to be organically combined with the first floor. Of course, there were some difficulties. The height of the technical floor was only two meters. To win centimeters, I had to remove the entire tie, carry the pipes - there were an incredible amount! It helped that our architectural bureau with Elena always implements our projects. Therefore, we can realize all the complex elements with maximum speed and accuracy. Monolithic staircase in the center of the apartment tried to give the dynamics, and with the help of lighting - lightness. A large opening in the floor was supposed to add light, so part of the floor was made transparent. It turned out a glass balcony - it seems as if the gallery is hanging in the air. To pick up furniture, we traveled through Italian factories, armed with plans and drawings of rooms. At one of the factories, they saw an elderly Italian master manually making a chaise longue. We literally fell in love with this model and agreed with the Italians that they would send a deck chair to Moscow when it is ready. Now he is standing on the gallery near the window ...S: What do you think is most important in working on a residential interior? - At the beginning of work you need to feel the person for whom this space is being settled, to know his character and tastes. I try to create interiors in which the owners would like every detail. Here we have with customers - a married couple - tastes largely coincided. Therefore, the work (and it lasted more than a year) in collaboration with these young and energetic people turned out to be fascinating for us.Inna Kozheurova: "We were lucky with the location of this apartment: it is right under the roof. And from one floor we turned it into a two-tier one. It was necessary to introduce spatial intrigue into the interior, make it dynamic, but not at the expense of logic and functionality."