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A photo: Zinon Razutdinov - from the archives of the press services

Magazine: Na (146)

About strict classics and Provence style

“Once I had an apartment in an old house on Nevsky Prospect. I really wanted to make it modern. I realized this dream only in Moscow, when I moved and bought an apartment here that I designed in high-tech style. Having been in Vienna, I had the idea to decorate a couple of rooms on the theme of music. I brought from there everything I needed with a pattern of notes - wallpaper, curtains, set, even found a bar in the form of a double bass. The country house, on the contrary, made in a gentle Provence style, which is characterized by floral decor, a lot of aged surfaces. With such a style, antique items are well combined with gilding, but not bright, but the same aged, matte gilding and elegant wrought-iron furniture.

Now I am again in search of new ideas and solutions. The family has increased (I have three small children), and it became clear: it is necessary to change the interior. I think he will be in the Roman style, antique. At the moment, the closest to me is a classic without too much flowery and solemnity. I can not say that it will be a very modest classic, but definitely light, light and at the same time elegant. In general, I like bright interiors, besides white color well increases the space. That is why everything will be bright in the new interior, including the walls. I like the furniture and most of all white. I think it will look very beautiful wall cabinets made of white wood against the walls of ivory. I want to try using a stone. I used to mainly focus on textiles, wallpaper. Therefore, I will probably decorate the hall area and the corridor with a beautiful tile with a rough texture. Maybe make marbled pillars. In general, I want to have good finishing materials, practical and resistant, such as Venetian plaster (it washes well), beautifully decorated windows. For me, the windows are the eyes of the house. I always pay attention to how they are decorated, what fabrics are used. I love warm colors. Although, when I look at pictures in magazines, I like the cold gamma, but, nevertheless, I understand that at home I will have a yellowish-gold gamut, ocher shades. If we talk about furniture, then closer furniture, stylized antique, without modern forms and colors. I love vases very much, there are a lot of them in my house. And in the new house, of course, they will be in a classic style, from porcelain with a floral pattern or with picturesque landscapes. But the most elegant detail is the elegant white piano that stands in my country house. ”