Vertical gardening features

Vertical gardeningThose who seriously engaged in the ennoblement of the dacha or backyard plot, probably thought about the possibility of creating vertical gardening - an unusual way of decorating buildings. Beautiful vine or flowers of the plant, wrapped around the wall of the house, will make even the most unsightly dwelling noble and stylish. In addition, vertical gardening is suitable for the decoration of playgrounds and gazebos, since such a natural design is well protected from dust and noise, wind and overheating.


  • 1 Vertical gardening methods
    • 1.1 Living Screen
    • 1.2 Arched structures
    • 1.3 Flowers in flowerpots
  • 2 How to choose flowers for landscaping?
  • 3 What support to pick up?
  • 4 Planting
  • 5 How to care for a vertical garden?

Vertical gardening methods

This type of landscape design is very diverse. The choice of one or another form of gardening depends on the overall design of the territory, as well as the taste preferences of the landlord.

Living Screen

To create a similar constructions apply plants with large flowers, for example, a rose or adlumia. This type of landscaping can have any height and density of climbers. As an alternative to the hedge, you can choose a pergola - a structure consisting of a wooden lattice and loaches. As plants in this method of landscaping used lianas. Such natural installations perfectly hide the small flaws in the design of the house, and also serve as separate decorative elements.

Arched structures

This type of landscaping is used for decorating facades of houses.

Flowers in flowerpots

This method of refining buildings is one of the most simple and affordable, but no less impressive than the rest. Plants can be planted in bright pots, pots, unusual containers. Their set right on the ground, porch or just hung up. Plants, giving shoots, ovivat facade of the house, giving it a noble look. In order for this beauty to please the owners for a long time, it is necessary to plant only wind-resistant plants.

How to choose flowers for landscaping?

Vertical gardeningBefore embarking on such creative work, it is necessary to accurately determine a place создания constructions. Именно от этого будет зависеть выбор того или иного растения.

  • North side. Jasmin, ivy, girlish grapes, Japanese quince, etc.
  • South сторона. On данном месте хозяев дома будут радовать такие растения, как магнолия, ракитник, жимолость и др.
  • On western It is best to plant hops, blue passionflower, wisteria, large-flowered magnolia, etc.
  • East the side is a great place for ivy, Japanese quince, girlish grapes, nasturtiums, etc.

In addition, the choice of plants should be guided by the following recommendations:

  • When creating a vertical gardening you need to plant only one plant species. The use of several varieties will lead to the creation of unnecessary variegation and random flower growth, which does not decorate the facade of the house.
  • Plant the plants best on sunny the side. This is due to the fact that the loaches tend to accumulate moisture, which, respectively, leads to the destruction and rotting of wooden walls.
  • When creating a vertical gardening plants can be placed symmetrically and assimetrically.
  • Planting производится только под by wall dwellings. However, this procedure should be carried out without affecting the blind area. Otherwise, water will constantly flow under the base of the house.
  • Supportused for vertical gardening should be so solid, to subsequently withstand the load of growing plants.

What support to pick up?

Vertical gardeningAs the basis of vertical gardening can be selected:

  • Frame from wire. Для создания данной опоры в стену вбивают гвозди, между которыми натягивается проволока. Вa place нее можно использовать шнур.
  • Frame from wood. The wooden lattice is fixed on the surface with screws, leaving a small distance between the frame and the wall for good air circulation.
  • Wood crates and containers are used when plants cannot be planted near a building.


Those who dream of creating a vertical garden need to create construction, состоящую из опоры, в которую монтируют пластиковые пластины. On листы ПВХ закрепляют войлок толщиной 0,3 см. Также необходимо разместить поливочную систему, состоящую из нескольких труб, поставляющих воду.

After the construction of the support, you can begin landing plants. They are strengthened in the slots of the felt, along with lumps of soil. This is necessary so that the plants grow as best as possible, feeding on a natural substrate. In the future, the greens will switch to food with one water. In the first period of “life” of a vertical garden, it is necessary to monitor the growth of loaches. Inadequate nutrition will lead to germination of the roots through the plastic sheets, which subsequently deforms the entire installation.

Climate России, в том числе отдельных ее уголков, не позволяет круглогодично наслаждаться прелестью вертикального сада. Немногие вьюны смогут выдержать минусовые температуры. После зимней поры такая конструкция будет мало схожа с декоративным элементом — измученные морозами растения не смогут в дальнейшем нести свою эстетическую функцию. В таких случаях дизайнеры предлагают создавать вертикальное озеленение прямо в indoors.

Такая конструкция будет прекрасно смотреться как в дачном домике, так и в служебном indoors. К тому же vertical garden, in addition to its main decorative function, will serve as an air purifier and create a special feeling of warmth and comfort.

The main condition for the maintenance of a vertical garden will be light and water. As well as the summer construction, the winter installation is created on the basis of the framework in which the plants are strengthened.

Currently, there are many ways of vertical planting plants in indoors. Onпример, известное эпифитное дерево представлено в виде имитации ствола, обвитого мхом.

How to care for a vertical garden?

Особенности вертикального озелененияCare for vertical gardening depends largely on the type of plants. For example, it is necessary to warm the creepers for the winter, so that by the spring new shoots grow better. If you chose honeysuckle or girlish grapes as the basis for a vertical garden, then there can be no regular maintenance of speech. Such plants are completely unpretentious and do not require increased attention.

During the summer, it is necessary to periodically remove old branches and leaves, as well as to clean vertical garden from weeds that appeared. When using a hedge it is recommended to regularly cut the trees.

In this way, creature vertical garden is a creative work, which includes the erection of architectural compositions and painting, in which colorful plants play the role of colors. Such a design can become an exclusive decorative element of any country landscape.