Children's pool to give

Children's swimming poolSummer ... The heat is impossible ... It seems that if there were any water reservoir, I would have climbed into it to the very neck and would not have got out. And since the dacha is far from the river, you just have to languish from the heat.

So it was before. Now, in the age of innovative technologies and modern building materials, it is quite possible to simply buy a pool and install it in your country house. What is there to buy, you can build it yourself at your summer cottage.

Currently, manufacturers can offer consumers a mass of the most diverse models of ready-made pools, which can be divided according to a variety of characteristics. Modern pool designs can be:

  • open or closed type;
  • seasonal or stationary.

According to their purpose, they can also be:

  • bathing;
  • swimming;
  • sports;
  • decorative;
  • therapeutic and health.

According to the principle of installation pools are also divided into:

  • dig in;
  • ground;
  • inflatable;
  • laid out.

Round children's poolAnd nothing about the form and say nothing - they can be round and square oval and rectangular, with many corners or irregularly shaped.

In addition, the pools are adults and children. And if adults prefer stationary, большие и достаточно глубокие бассейны, то для детей quite enough установить на дачном участке неглубокий переносной бассейн.


  • 1 Varieties of children's pools, their features
  • 2 Major manufacturers of children's pools
  • 3 Swimming pool for a child with his own hands
    • 3.1 Pool frame installation

Varieties of children's pools, their features

Portable children's pools are of two types:

  • inflatable;
  • frame.

Modern industrial enterprises produce children's pools, different from each other by design, shape and size.

Inflatable poolThe most attractive in terms of price and quality of the services offered, experts consider an inflatable pool for children. Such constructions are characterized by relative cheapness of products, lightness and installation speed In addition, these pools are portable (folded, can be transported not only by car, but also by bicycle) and mobile (can be moved from place to place through the garden plot).

Many models of children's inflatable pools are made consisting of inflatable rings. Some models of children's pools of sufficiently large volume can be supported by a single ring located on the upper edge. As the pool fills with water, the inflatable element rises together with water, thereby smoothing the walls of the pool. As a rule, the walls of such pools are made of several layers of durable material (usually these are two layers of high-strength vinyl and a layer of polyester).

Usually in children's models of pools it is not provided filtering system and water purification, which for this reason will have to be changed every few days. In addition, children's models rarely have drain hole water, so its replacement results in a very laborious exercise. Further, it will be preferable to choose a pool in which not only the walls are inflated, but also the bottom. Such a pool is safer for a child. In addition, modern models for children are available with different devices for playing in the form of slides, umbrellas, and various toys. Given the above, the choice of a model of a pool for a child should be approached seriously and carefully.

Frame pool for children also have the right to exist, but in this case financial expenses purchase, installation and maintenance will be much higher. In addition, this model is not mobile. Once installed, the design will be stand in one place at least for one season.

The main manufacturers of children's pools

To the most popular brands that produce various models swimming pools for both adults and children include the following: "AZURO", "Bestway", "INTEX", "Jilong".

  1. Children's swimming pool BestwayThe company "AZURO" (Czech Republic) produces collapsible models made of PVC film, which quick and easy to install не требуют preliminary preparation грунта для монтажа. Размеры выпускаемой продукции достаточно разнообразны: от детских Ø 1,5 м с глубиной в 40 см, до огромных взрослых. «SUPER-TOUGH» — запатентованная технология — обеспечит продукции этой компании high reliability in operation. The price range is wide enough, however, the buyer with any financial opportunities will be able to choose for himself something attractive.
  2. Bestway (China) produces frame, inflatable and spa models for both adults and children. Models for children differ in bright coloring They are comfortable and absolutely safe for children from the age of 3 years. Frame and inflatable pools for children do not require much time for installation, they quickly fill with water. In addition, "Bestway" for small consumers produces the whole game complexes, including an inflatable pool and various water attractions (waterfalls, fountains, slides etc.). The price of inflatable models varies in the range 87-730 IU, for frame models the price is much higher: 445-1770 ue
  3. INTEX (PRC) also produces a range of models for small summer residents. As a rule, these are frameless inflatable pools that require minimum time for installation. The sizes of children's models are quite diverse. Pools do not require preliminary preparation the soil fits perfectly into the landscape. The price range of the brand "INTEX" is quite wide and meets the needs of customers with any financial capabilities.
  4. The company "Jilong" manufactures both frame and inflatable pool models for children. The sizes of children's options range from Ø 77 × 23 (for the smallest) to Ø 183 × 63 (for teenagers). Rectangular models are available in sizes from 128 × 110 to 336 × 193. The pool volumes of this brand are in the range from 50 l to 1770 l. The price range is quite wide.

Swimming pool for a child with his own hands

Installation and installation of the pool with his own hands does not represent any special problem. As a rule, for a child quite enough there will be a reservoir with dimensions up to 3 × 3 m. The depth of the pool for children may vary depending on age. The whole process is step by step as follows.

  1. Children's swimming poolDig out the pit and immediately drainage is done, to prevent water from entering the bottom of the pit. This is done as follows. The bottom of the pit is cut to the center with a slope of 5−6 °. In the center there is a groove up to 20 cm deep, into which gravel is poured. Then gravel poured the entire bottom of the pit to a height of at least 10–16 cm
  2. Next stage - erection of side walls. For this purpose, the boards are pretreated with linseed and enameled or varnished. Side walls are built with a gap not less than 7 cm between the walls of the pit and frame. Subsequently, gravel will be buried there.
  3. During the assembly of the wooden frame you need to pre-mark make cuts for drain and overflow pipes. The diameter of the drain pipe is recommended to do not less than 3 cm (the larger the diameter, the smaller probability of blockage). A tight, hermetic fit on the outside and the inside to the wooden base is provided with rubber gaskets, washers and nuts. On the protruding end of the pipe without fail puts on the filter.
  4. Overflow pipe should be installed as well. To installation of pipes of discharge and overflow is given such close attention for the reason that later it will be almost impossible to eliminate the flow in these places. The water supply pipe may not have such a rigid attachment; clean up for the night.

Pool frame installation

  1. Next, a wooden frame is installed and fixed with wedges.
  2. Cut (or get ready) polyethylene or PVC film of the required size and laid out by volume formed wooden bowl. The wedges of the film, which were formed in the corners of the bowl, are wrapped on the outer side (to the frame) and fixed with slats. On the ledge of the drain pipe in the film is cut a hole, the film put on the pipe and sealed with rubber gaskets, washers and nuts. On this drain system can be considered mounted.
  3. In the same way come with overflow pipe. Pipe feed, as mentioned earlier, can not to be fixed rigidly however, it may have a fixed mount.
  4. Along the perimeter of the pool to the height of the protruding part of the frame sprinkled with soil. If a ladder was mounted for the descent to the pool, the platform in front of it can be tiled so as not to introduce soil into the pool. In order for children not to damage the film, clutching at the edges of the frame with their hands, along the pool perimeter lay facing boards.
  5. Water is poured into the pool, then after 4 hours it is drained. Then the pool is again filled with water and all - the swimming season can be considered open.

It is absolutely not important whether a ready-made swimming pool will be acquired for the child, or it will be constructed independently. The main thing is that the child will nice and comfortable spend time in the pool, being under the scrutiny of loving parents and relatives.