Country arbors with a brazier

Дачные беседки с brazierВсем известна народная традиция приготовления шашлыка на открытом воздухе. В настоящее время владельцы частных домов все чаще стараются обустроить свой участок, сооружая на нем беседки с brazier.

This type of gazebos is one of the most popular, performing several functions at the same time: it serves as an ornament to the site, a place for solitude, giving the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature, a place to relax. A pergola becomes an integral part of the landscape, harmonizing with other landscaping decors. This gazebo is usually located in the center of the garden, near the trees, with a good external view.

Having built a high-quality, beautiful, cozy беседку с brazier, you get a favorite place, as it can make a unique holiday, giving joy from the arranged holidays and parties in nature.


  • 1 Types of gazebos with barbecue
    • 1.1 Arbors from a brick
    • 1.2 Arbors of wood
    • 1.3 Combined arbors
    • 1.4 Shod arbors
  • 2 Selection of arbor suitable design
  • 3 Как самостоятельно сделать беседку с brazier
  • 4 Arbor construction

Types of arbors with braziers

В зависимости от строения, беседки с brazier могут быть разных species, and your fantasy and financial investment is fundamental to this. You can build a light gazebo, without making significant costs, but you can also capital, with a certain barbecue area.

The bulk of the arbors is built of brick or wood. They serve for a long time, affordable and fairly simple to assemble. Here you can install the grill by making it out of sheets of metal or by assembling it out of brick, or you can just buy it.

Arbors from a brick

Arbor of brickIf the choice fell on brickthen you should be ready for capital construction. The advantage of a brick is that this material is durable, it will not need to be constantly looked after and repaired. The brick structure is different fortress and provides good protection from the effects of all kinds of weather conditions. Fire brick and the use of refractory bricks for the construction of the barbecue will be the right decision.

In the construction of arbors is better to use the right forms, then it will be easier to revet it with some kind of decorative panels in combination with the facade of your house.

Of course, this type of construction is quite expensive, but the result exceeds all expectations.

Pergolas made of wood

Concerning wood arbors, this kind of cost is much cheaper. If the tree is properly processed, it can serve for a long time, without requiring special care. Modern means, which impregnate a tree, make it absolutely safe.

The advantages of a wooden gazebo are that it is suitable for any landscape, and also this structure is quite light, so you do not have to reinforce and reinforce foundation, which will significantly reduce your costs.

The combined arbors

If both bricks and wood are chosen as materials for creating an arbor, then this type of construction is called combined. При планировании такой постройки нужно будет изначально разделить две зоны — рабочую, крепкую из brickа, и зону отдыха, которая будет отделана декоративным деревом.

Shod arbors

Еще один вид беседки с brazier — кованое строение. Это довольно сложная работа и построить такую беседку самостоятельно человеку без специальных навыков не представляется возможным. Но вы можете воспользоваться услугами специалистов, которые сделают великолепную, можно сказать, «царскую» беседку согласно вашей фантазии и пожеланиям. Оплата конструкции будет зависеть полностью от сложности выполненных работ и выбора дизайна.

Choice of arbor suitable design

Беседки с brazierFor the construction of gazebos with brazier use different materials. Most importantly, this building fits well with the general view of the site and does not violate the existing design.

There are the following types constructions arbors:

  • Temporary. Pergolas related to this type are collected at the beginning of the summer season, and when the cold comes, they are put in a special room for storage, protecting them from the weather. The advantage of a temporary gazebo - the possibility of its movement.
  • Permanent. Such gazebos remain in their place forever, therefore, when building a stable foundation is imperative. Lined asphalt or concrete pouring can perform this function.

Строительство беседки с brazier требует тщательной подготовки. Поэтому заранее позаботьтесь о наличии под рукой всех материалов и инструментов.


  • brick;
  • tree;
  • solution etc.


  • hammer;
  • shovel;
  • grinding machine;
  • jigsaw
  • stameska;
  • frezer

If you decide to work at a more complex level, then you may additionally need the presence of a jointing machine, welding machine and other tools.

Как самостоятельно сделать беседку с brazier

Строительство беседки с brazierBefore you start building a gazebo with a barbecue area, you need to plan everything and act in a strict order, following the plan.

Plan such:

  1. decide on the project;
  2. prepare the site and building material;
  3. choose a grill;
  4. залить foundation;
  5. install grill;
  6. build walls or arches;
  7. roof;
  8. to equip the floor.

Once you decide on the design of the arbor and its design, you can easily implement your project.

Arbor construction

Беседки с brazierStart for the construction of gazebos is a brazier. Walling is carried out only after the final installation of the furnace.

Roof It is assembled with the help of wooden beams and is trimmed with soft tiles, which has good sound insulation. You can also use slate or corrugated roofing.

Floors You can lay any material, and better with a slight bias. The bias is done so that the water entering the gazebo does not linger, but flows outside the building. Ideally, tiles are laid around the barbecue, and the terrace is covered with a board.

To build беседку с brazier — довольно трудоемкий процесс, требующий приличного вложения средств. Но в результате все затраты и труд оправдываются, и вы получаете отличное место для отдыха, которое прослужит долгие годы и украсит участок.