Country arbors from metal

Metal arborsWhen you look at the photos of summer houses, it is hard to stop at any one option, all are beautiful and original in their own way. But there is one important note - it is worth choosing a gazebo only taking into account the entire ensemble of the garden plot. Regardless of the material of the selected arbor, in style it must be in harmony with the landscape design and the building itself.


  • 1 Types of summer houses
  • 2 Differences country arbors
  • 3 Features of metal arbors
  • 4 How to build a gazebo do it yourself
  • 5 In conclusion

Types of summer houses

There are many materials that are used to make summer houses. Each has its pros and cons, so you need to pay attention not only on the appearance, but also on the performance properties and installation technology.

Most popular arbors make of:

  • bricks;
  • metal;
  • wood;
  • polycarbonate;
  • logs;
  • timber;
  • forged.

Pergolas vary in design, they can be:

  • open;
  • closed;
  • alive;
  • gazebo barbecue.

The most popular are open gazebos. They are dome-shaped buildings, can be made of any material. Such gazebos are optimal for those summer residents who live outside the city only in the warm season. They can hide from the rain and from the hot sun. Inside the arbor is usually set the table and benches.

Closed gazebos resemble a small country house. In addition to the roof, there are also solid or lattice walls. Such an arbor will protect you from the cold at any time of the year, because it can be heated in it.

Alive gazebos are so called because they are completely covered with climbing plants. The frame can be made of any material. There is another option - the implementation of the frame entirely of intertwined stems of climbing bushes. Such gazebos can please the eye only in summer.

For a large family or company is the right fit bbq. Inside the gazebo there is a garden fireplace or a brazier, therefore the gazebo itself should be large and the material should not be exposed to fire.

Differences of country arbors

Types of arborsTo decide what material to build an arbor, you need sort out in the features of each.

Arbor from wood it is quite easy to build, it is not necessary to lay a foundation for it, but you can simply install it on a brick, cinder block and even tires. A gazebo can be done in a few days, and it’s not to be used for one season. Wooden constructions are not only comfortable, but also cheap and ecological.

Wooden arbor can be capital or foldingthat is, the second one can be removed for the winter so that the material does not lose its properties, and at any convenient time the arbor can be moved to another place. You can use and logs, and timber, and boards.

More durable material is brick. It will take more time and effort to build, but the gazebo will be truly capital and durable. Under it fit tape or monolithic foundation. Here you can not only enjoy your time, but also organize a summer kitchen. Brick gazebos closed type suitable for a night in a cold season.

Polycarbonate used for various designs, why did it become so popular? The design is easy, under it you can use any foundation and frame. That is, a gazebo can be built even with available resources, which will significantly save finances.

Arbor from metal will require heavy tools such as a welding machine, a hammer drill and a grinder. The foundation can be used different, for example, piles, pipe or monolithic fill, strip or brick foundation. When building a metal gazebo, the most important thing is to build an exact project. Having it, you can very quickly and easily assemble the entire structure. Details are installed on the foundation as a single frame, and gradually. To assemble the structure, you will need either mounting or welding machine. If it is correct to warm the gazebo, then it can serve as a good shelter in the cold season.

Forged arbors differ from metal only in decorative properties, installation, speed and complexity of a structure similar. These gazebos have the highest price and are suitable only for the summer period. To convert them for the cold season, you will need any of the above materials. Forged a gazebo is unlikely to build their own hands, so it is better to entrust the work of professionals.

Pavilion canopy It is a democratic option for the price; it is light and practical; it looks and functions like a large parasol or a tent. Easy to install and also easy to disassemble.

Features of metal arbors

Metal arborsIn order to put together a more complete picture of what a metal arbor is, it is better to look at it through the prism of advantages and disadvantages. In this way, you can immediately determine if it suits you personally.

Main advantages:

  • long service life;
  • structural reliability;
  • easy to assemble and understand;
  • ready-made frames are on sale, which will facilitate the construction process;
  • resistant to fire;
  • opportunity to place on any surface. If the gazebo to strengthen the concrete blocks, then fit even the most unstable soil;
  • Depending on the mood and composition of the entire site, you can easily repaint the arbor in any color;
  • a wide range of prices, which allows the arbor to be installed for people of various financial opportunities.

Main limitations:

  • metal corrodes rapidly, therefore the arbor should be periodically treated with special means;
  • on a sunny day in such a gazebo it can be hot, as the metal heats up quickly, green spaces around the building can save the situation;
  • having some knowledge in plumbing.

The roof of the metal gazebo can be made of various coatings: roofing materials, metal tiles, ondulin, polycarbonate, metal profile. The covering easily fastens by means of self-tapping screws.

How to build a gazebo do it yourself

Installation of arborsOf course, you can buy ready metal arbor, the choice on the market is very large. But sometimes it's much more pleasant to do something with your own hands.

The construction of the gazebo is happening according to the following plan. First need develop a project. At this stage, the size of the arbor, the shape, seasonality, the necessary material for the implementation and its quantity are selected, tools are selected. The estimate is made, which also includes the cost of decor and interior design (furniture, other accessories).

Simultaneously, it is selected and location gazebos. You need to pay attention to the ground, the size and uniformity of the area, communication and planting. The last option is to choose whether the gazebo in the sun or in the shade, in the ventilated area or more relaxed.

After that you can think about the foundation, it is selected depending on the type of arbor, size, weight, materials used and the selected area.

Next, select grounds и каркас. Материал нужно выбрать еще до начала строительства и следовать точно по проекту. Сначала возводится grounds, закрепляется каркас и можно переходить к этапу установки крыши.

Под крышу также делается каркас. Материал выбирается в зависимости от вида беседки, каркас можно делать как из metal, так и из wood, а саму крышу — из шифера, metal tiles, ондулина, брезента, поликарбоната или профнастила. Roof installation is the most difficult process of the entire construction, so you can contact the experts or friends who have already encountered this matter.

Now you can start building. The most optimal solution is to dig in металлические pipes в землю, а уже в них вставлять каркас. Важно не забыть обработать pipes антикоррозионным раствором. Если на зиму беседка переносится в безопасное место, то pipes прикрываются защитным материалом, чтобы там не накапливалась вода и грязь.

Stationary metal arbors are most often installed on a pile or strip foundation, it is necessarily held waterproofing. After the pipes for the frame are installed, they are checked again for verticality.

Беседки из metalAccording to the drawn sketch, you can easily calculate the amount of material needed, in some stores or bases, employees can immediately cut the material to the desired size.

Bearing racks are inserted into pipes and, if the gazebo is stationary, then welded. On the upper edge of the horizontal pipes connect the rack and on this structure of the frame is considered complete. If necessary, you can install crossmembers and additional racks. The arbor is assembled either by welding or by bolts.

Immediately after the end of the assembly, the structure should be painted, firstly, for decorative purposes, and secondly, to protect against corrosion. Experts recommend using powder paintbut novices can use nitro enamel. “Hammer paint” can be applied even to areas damaged by rust.


To build a gazebo on their own and cheaper and more pleasant. But if you do not have time and confidence in your abilities, then you can purchase a metal arbor in the range of 30 to 150 thousand, depending on the size and material of the roof.

Metal arbors have a lot of advantages in front of others, both in decorative properties and in technical characteristics. If you decide to build such a gazebo with your own hands, then be patient with heavy tools and you can begin. Do not forget about the competent, detailed sketch, with the help of which things will go quickly and easily.