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Choose a coffee table. The advantages and disadvantages of each material. Which table to choose for your interior? Do you need shelves and drawers in the coffee table? Photo ideas for inspiration: a transforming table. Making a coffee table with your own hands.

The content of the article
  • The choice of material, the pros and cons
    • From wood
    • From glass
    • Of metal
  • Choose a coffee table depending on the overall style of the room
    • Classical
    • Provence
    • Country music
    • Modern
    • Pop art
    • Loft
  • Coffee table transformer
  • Coffee table as an element of the storage system
  • Coffee table do it yourself - видео и чертежи
  • Photo gallery with examples

The choice of material, the pros and cons

The coffee table is considered the most functional and versatile piece of furniture in any interior. It is present in almost every living room. Often it can be found in the spacious bedroom. Журнальный столик впишется даже на вашем балконе, если вы любите посидеть там за чтением или занимаясь на компьютере. С его помощью пространство станет уютнее и эстетически красивее. Мы расскажем вам, на какие виды подразделяются журнальные столики, какие материалы существуют для их изготовления, а также о плюсах и минусах каждого.

Photo - 1

Photo - 2

Photo - 3

Photo - 4

Photo - 5

Photo - 6

Photo - 7

Photo - 8

Photo - 9

Photo - 10

Photo - 11

Photo - 12

Photo - 13

Photo - 14

Photo - 15

Classification:Characteristic classification:
Coffee tables are divided

In form;

By height;

According to the material from which the frame is made;

According to the material from which the tabletop is made;

Depending on the method of movement;

Depending on the availability of a folding mechanism.

Circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle, polygon, arbitrary (unusual) shape of the table top;

The average height of a regular coffee table does not exceed 50 cm (however, there are models of lower and higher tables);

Wood (snag, stump), glass, metal (forged products), plastic;

Wood, chipboard (laminated), "braided" (wicker), upholstery made of fabric or leather, tempered glass (including tinted), plastic, veneer, metal sheets, mirror surface, stone, mosaic;

On wheels (mobile) and without (stationary);

Transforming tables or ordinary.

Coffee table 1

Coffee table 2

Coffee table 3

Coffee table 4

Coffee table 5

Coffee table 6

Coffee table 7

Coffee table 8

Coffee table 9

Coffee table 10

Coffee table 11

Coffee table 12

Coffee table 13

Coffee table 14

Coffee table 15

The coffee table is considered the most functional and versatile piece of furniture in any interior. It is present in almost every living room. Often it can be found in the spacious bedroom.

From wood

Wooden coffee tables – самый популярный вариант, способный с легкостью влиться практически в любой интерьер. Достаточно подобрать оттенок, который будет гармонично сочетаться с остальной мебелью, находящейся в данной комнате. Желательно, чтобы и отделка такого столика была выполнена в соответствующем стиле.

Wooden coffee tables

a wide range of wood species (soft, hard, super hard);

a large range of colors and textures (patterns of natural wood);

ease of processing (if you make a table to order);

environmentally friendly material;

perfectly complement the interior of any room.

expensive material (depending on the type of wood chosen);

prone to mechanical deformation (scratches, dents, splitting).

From a tree - 1

From a tree - 2

From a tree - 3

Wood - 4

From wood – 5

From glass

Making their home in a modern style, people began to pay more attention to the models of coffee tables made of glass. They look pretty "airy" due to its transparency. However, the most unusual materials such as tree driftwood, deer horns, corals and others can be selected as a support for such tables.

Glass Coffee Tables

able to visually expand the space (because of its transparency);

have a wide choice among materials for a support of a table;

are safe during operation (if you choose tempered glass, first ask - what is the maximum permissible weight load on the table top);

the ability to "tint" the glass in any color;

unpretentious care.

during use, chips and small scratches may appear on the tables (if you choose tempered glass, such problems will not disturb you for a long time);

manufacturing complexity;

high price.

From glass – 1

From glass – 2

From glass – 3

From glass – 4

From glass – 5

From glass – 6

From glass – 7

Of metal

Metal is difficult to process, which is why models of such coffee tables are expensive. They are also heavy in weight, which makes it difficult for them to move around the room. But they are durable, they are not afraid of any damage.

Metal Coffee Tables

original design (especially for forged products);

the ability to decorate on your own;




high price;

difficult to manufacture (not every master will undertake such an order).

Of metal – 1

Of metal – 2

Of metal – 3

Choose a coffee table depending on the overall style of the room

See examples of interior design, including the presence of a coffee table, in the catalog - see how diverse they can be (in form, materials, decorative elements and purpose):

Coffee table - 001

Coffee table - 002

Coffee table - 003

Coffee table - 004

Coffee table - 005

Coffee table - 006

Coffee table - 007

Coffee table - 008

Coffee table - 009

Coffee table - 010

Coffee table - 011

Coffee table - 012

Coffee table - 013

Coffee table - 014

Coffee table - 015

Choosing a coffee table for the living room, think carefully about what “duties” you place on it.


The most ordinary small coffee table made of wood will best fit into the classic interior. The only exception is the bright decor of the base and the legs of the table, matched to match all other pieces of furniture and decoration. It is very important in such situations to consider a careful selection of tones of wood, so that the furniture looks like a single set.

Classic - photo 1

Classic - photo 2

Classic - photo 3

Classic - photo 4

Classic - photo 5

Classic - photo 6


The peculiarity of the Provencal style is considered to be pastel shades of furniture, including naturalness (unpainted wood), carved legs at tables and antique design (artificial aging) are no less popular. For example, massively sized coffee tables will fit better into the living room of a large area. But for a small room small two-tier models are ideal. If you prefer the French style, then these tables for you:

Provence - photo 1

Provence – фото 2

Provence – фото 3

Provence – фото 4

Provence – фото 5

Provence – фото 6

Country music

Большинство этнических стилей (кстати, к которым относится и кантри) поражают оригинальными идеями и необычным применением самых обыкновенных материалов. Одни удивляют моделями из бамбука, другие – разноцветной сложной мозаикой, выложенной из мелких ракушек. Country music же способен принять в свой интерьер стол, выполненный из грубо отесанной породы древесины или поленьев. Также по внешнему виду модели этого стиля представлены шероховатостью поверхности неотшлифованного дерева. Смотрите сами:

Country music – фото 1

Country music – фото 2

Country music – фото 3

Country music – фото 4


Where there really is no end to designer imagination, it’s in a modern style. Benefit materials for the manufacture of such coffee tables can be found everywhere - wood, stone, glass, metal, plastic. The most important thing is to keep the forms and lines concise. A little creativity and in your interior will be a unique coffee table.

Modern – фото 1

Modern – фото 2

Modern – фото 3

Modern – фото 4

Modern – фото 5

Modern – фото 6

Modern – фото 7

Pop art

The main objective of the style of pop art is the conversion of ordinary things into something from the field of fiction. Creating such "works of art" this style allows you to transform the gray daily routine with bright decorative elements. Coffee tables were no exception. Designers do not regret inspiration, improve simple things that already exist.

Pop art – фото 1

Pop art - photo 2

Pop art – фото 3

Pop art - photo 4

Pop art – фото 5


The presence of coarse metal parts and coarsely treated wood, as well as the creation of a peculiar kind of "outdoor furniture" are all loft style. It is original and brutal. At the same time like everyone without exception. If you see a coffee table resembling a cart, you should know this is also a loft. Many ideas occurred to designers when they visited “specific” places - semi-abandoned old factories and manufactories, this is where they drew their inspiration.

Loft - photo 1

Loft - photo 2

Loft - photo 3

Coffee table transformer

Choosing a coffee table for the living room, think carefully about what “duties” you place on it. If you need a decorative element of the interior, then look at the tables of unusual shape, which very often are offered by various designers. However, if you want to get not only a coffee table, but also a dining or computer table in one person, then you should pay your attention to folding models - transforming tables. With some effort in just one minute, you will turn your nondescript coffee table into a complete dining area for several people. Isn't that what you dreamed about ?! Well, if such a model is on wheels - it will facilitate the movement of the table around the room.

Coffee table transformer – 1

Coffee table transformer – 2

Coffee table transformer – 3

Coffee table transformer – 4

Coffee table-transformer - 5

Conversion table do it yourself:

Boxes-shelves 2

Boxes-shelves 3

Boxes-shelves 4

Boxes-shelves 5

Coffee table do it yourself - видео и чертежи


Materials and tools:Working process:
Coffee table do it yourself

Pre-harvested parts made of fiberboard or wood.

2 wheels.

Special glue for wood.

Drill and drill to her.

Electric screwdriver, screwdrivers.

Jigsaw, hacksaw for wood.

Screws and dowels.

Roulette and level.

Sandpaper or sanding machine.

Wooden hammer

Cut out the parts according to the drawing.

We make holes for dowels in a rectangular partition and in the center of the base of the tabletop, at an approximate distance of 10 cm.

Now at a height of 36 and 48 cm on the partition itself we make 2 holes for the subsequent fixing of 2 semicircular shelves on it.

You can install dowels. Putting a table, after making sure in the evenness of the overall design. We disassemble it again and make several holes in rectangular blanks (36, 48, 23 cm).

Getting to the final assembly. To do this, we consistently assemble the base, the central and lower partitions, semicircular shelves, the upper partitions and the table top itself.

We assemble with the help of a wooden hammer and grooves put on glue.

The assembly process is completed by attaching the wheels to the screws (with the subsequent movement of the table they should not touch the base). Everything - the table is ready!

We offer you to view several videos with vivid examples of original models of coffee tables, which can be made without leaving home.

Coffee table do it yourself:

Classic table

Brown coffee table

Japanese style table










Football table