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apartment in St. Petersburg Rashit Munasypov

Passing the gallery

A photo: Kirill Ovchinnikov

Text: Julia Shaginurova

Project author: Rashid Munasıpov

Finishing work: Dmitry Eremenko

Magazine: N11 (78) 2003

"In simplicity is strength, brother" - paraphrasing Danilo Bagrov, legendary cinematographic from St. Petersburg, architect Rashit Munasapov talks about his work on the interior of a St. Petersburg apartment. Simplicity is indeed the key concept for this sophisticated and poetic project. Simplicity of a special kind, implying the absence of a claim and pretentiousness, but not excluding close attention to detail Facades of St. Petersburg - a giant living encyclopedia of the arts. Red, yellow, green, faded or freshly painted for the anniversary of the city ... Classic, modernist and eclectic, decorated with the heads of mythical animals, peeling off atlantes and caryatids ... match. New time filling these "interior holes" in accordance with their tastes and ideas about the beautiful, until this discrepancy has not been overcome. Often, the gap between the majestic and decadent authenticity in the exterior and the vigorous aspiration to imitate this authenticity in individual houses and apartments "hits the eyes." The apartment made by Rashit Munasypov for the St. Petersburg family is a happy exception: it is completely devoid of pretentiousness and the desire to impersonate what it is not. The apartment house of 1910 - a sample of dry European modernity - dictated its conditions, however, both the owners and the architect from the very beginning decided to abandon the literal stylization. Both the customers and the apartment author wanted to achieve the impression of a living and living space, a home that has its own spirit and traditions, where new things quickly and naturally find their place among the old and the loved ones. The main victory of the designer Munasypov is that he managed to “hide” the designer here, in six months to turn the former communal apartment into an elegant family nest, a “mobile” object, in which beauty has no frozen form. Thus, the apartment conducts its dialogue with the house of the beginning of the last century "on an equal footing", not competing and not faking under the surrounding context. The architect himself conditionally calls his approach to the interior European, primarily implying a sensitive attitude to color and texture, a deep and subtle perception of beauty, which is not only in a successful combination of objects, but in a total harmonic picture, including light, color, texture, even smell and sound. The mesh of small, barely noticeable cracks on the mirror frame, the pile of curtain fabric and the roughness of unpolished marble ... there is no detail that could be considered insignificant, secondary in this approach. Therefore, there are so many author's details here and therefore the general tone of the apartment is light, forming the best and most demanding background for aesthetic exercises.