Street furnaces for giving

Street KilnsThe most tasty and healthy food is the one cooked on the fire. If you are a happy owner of your own home or cottage, then of course you noticed how much food cooked on an open fire differs from that cooked on a gas stove. If you cook on the air occasionally, then surely just make a fire. However, it is best to install a stove on the street, and it’s not at all difficult to do it yourself. First you need to decide on the type of stove being installed.


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Types of outdoor stoves

Selection the type of outdoor seating depends on the size of the site, the taste of the owners, as well as what dishes on it will be prepared. There are three main design solutions for outdoor stoves:

Russian stove

Very similar to normal Russian the stove, however, in the street model, the side walls are additionally insulated to reduce the consumption of firewood and save heat. In addition, below and the firebox are horizontally even, unlike the classic stove.

The street Russian oven will suit all those who prefer a simple and familiar kitchen - you can cook soup on it, fry a skewer and bake pies.

Outdoor stove - fireplace

This is nothing like the usual for all barbecue and grill. On them you can cook meat and fish dishes.

It will not take much space to install such a stove, but this option is more likely for summer residents who come once a week for barbecue, and not for the family who resides in a country house.


Types of outdoor stovesЛюбители азиатской кухни наверняка знают, что обозначает это слово. От классического bubbledа уличный вариант отличается наличием дымосборника и дымовой трубы.

At all bubbled It consists of the following structure: a truncated firebox, above which there is an exhaust hood with a door through which fuel is laid. It burns on the grate. Under the neck of the tandoor, they hang raw foods.

With the help of tandoor you can fry and to smoke meat and fish, cook pilaf and tortillas.

In addition to the functional purpose, all furnaces can be divided into two types depending on the material from which they are made. Allocate the furnace of aerated concrete and refractory bricks. Such furnaces can withstand any temperature, while remaining functional and attractive in appearance.

The choice of a specific of the material depends on your financial capabilities and the desired appearance of the future structure. Cheaper material is aerated concrete, but it is ugly outwardly, it will need to be lined additionally. In the case of bricks, everything is simple - high price, but at the same time excellent functionality and appearance.

Street oven do it yourself

Street oven do it yourselfBefore starting work you need prepare necessary for construction materials. They can be purchased at any hardware store, and some probably already have you in the country.

List of required of materials:

  • Sand.
  • Cement.
  • Shlakoblok.
  • Several steel rods.
  • Rubbenka
  • Asbestos cement sheet.
  • Brick - for masonry walls.
  • Стальная trumpet.

Also for the construction of the stove will need tool: trowel, level, shovel, plumb, hammer for breaking bricks.

Any construction begins with the preparation of the foundation, which will protect the building from melt and rainwater. For the country furnace tile is best suited.

Under foundation it is necessary to dig a shallow hole, ram the ground and lay out the rods.

Then you need to wire them to tie another couple of horizontal rods. The frame is ready, it can be poured with a solution - a mixture of rubble, sand and cement. If you fill the foundation in the summer, from time to time it must be watered with water in order to prevent the coating from cracking.

After that, you need to stop working for a few days until the foundation is completely freeze.

На foundation производится установка шлакоблочного основания — оно поднимет высоту печи. Достаточно будет одного-двух слоев шлакоблоков. На них укладывается асбестоцементная плитка. Края плитки, выходящие за основание, нужно обрезать с помощью болгarches.

The next step is to mount brick walls. Since the furnace must be reliably protected from moisture and high temperature, cement must be used for the laying. Bricks can be laid in the usual way, or by an edge - high heat emission in this case is optional. When laying the stove, periodically check its evenness with a level and plumb.

You also need to constantly monitor the value stitches. After installing all the bricks, an asbestos-cement slab with two air holes is laid on top.

Installing an outdoor stoveThe next stage in the creation of the furnace - masonry arches:

  • For the central stone you need to prepare two completely identical plywood mandrels. They must be installed in the frying and heating chambers, and the subsequent laying of bricks should be made directly on them. When performing masonry you need to be extremely careful and careful.
  • After the last brick takes its place, plywood can be removed. Get a beautiful oven arch.

The furnace must have trumpetthrough it, smoke is removed. It is installed behind the stove and cemented. In order not to burn yourself on the chimney, you need to cement and open its lower part.

The stove is almost ready. To give it an aesthetic appearance fit any heat resistant material. This may be granite, natural stone or tile.

After the work on the installation of the furnace is over, you need to check it in - to flood. Pay attention to how good the thrust is, whether there are any gaps through which smoke and combustion products come out. If there are no defects, the oven is fully prepared for culinary experiments.

Dachnoe barbecue do it yourself

Process of creation barbecue very similar to the installation of the country stove. It is necessary to make a concrete base, lay the structure with stone or brick, and install a brazier in the firebox. Above the barbecue you can make a shelter to protect it from rain.

You can combine a country stove or a grill with a gazebo - in the evenings it will be pleasant to eat a freshly prepared dinner and admire fiery tongues.