Smoke-cold smoked do-it-yourself

Cold Smoked SmokehouseHow sometimes you want to eat smoked meat. There are no problems, you can go to the store and buy what you want, or you can try to make smoked products at home. It will be no worse, and maybe even several times better. But in order to make goodies, an oil lamp is necessary, it is about her in this article that the conversation will be conducted.

Before proceeding to the construction of the oil lamp, you should understand the types of smoking. And there are two types:

  • Hot smoked — это быстрый способ, именно он используется чаще всего в домашних условиях. Период копчения составляет от двенадцати до сорока восьми часов, temperature дыма в пределах от 35 to 50 degrees In this case, the moisture from the products will not evaporate, but they are well saturated with fat. Such products are stored for a relatively short time.
  • Cold smoked - longer processing. Products heat slightly as smoke has a temperature from 18 to 25 degrees The duration of smoking is from two to three days. With this type of smoking moisture is removed from the products, their surface dries out. The shelf life of the finished product is much longer than when smoked hot.

Summarizing the above, it can be stated that cold smoking is a process more long and laboriousthan hot smoked.


  • 1 Cold-smoked smokehouse - what is it?
  • 2 Device and principle of operation of cold-smoked smokehouse
  • 3 Sawdust for the smokehouse
  • 4 How to make a lamp on your own
  • 5 Construction details of the smokehouse
    • 5.1 How to cool smoke
    • 5.2 Tips to help

Cold-smoked smokehouse - what is it?

Cold Smoked SmokehouseThis device should be made so that the cold smoke is directed towards the product. Incoming smoke must be smooth and continuous for the entire smoking period.

The smoke temperature should not exceed more than 25 degrees. In order to get such smoke, the smokehouse is divided into two parts. One of them is a firebox, and the other is a tank. The firebox from the tank should be at a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters. Between them is chimney.

Structure and principle of operation of cold-smoked smokehouse

Smokehouse for cold smoking consists of the following items:

  • fertilizer generator;
  • chimney;
  • smoke chamber.

Smokehouse works as follows:

  • в fertilizer generator кладут shavingsthey smolder and form smoke.
  • formed traction, благодаря которой дым попадает в chimney.
  • in the chimney, the smoke cools and enters the smoke chamber, where the products are located.

If you analyze in more detail, the main role in cold smoking is fertilizer generator. It provides a constant flow of smoke into the smoke chamber. This element of the smokehouse is automated, you only have to watch the number of sawdust in it.

Sawdust for smokehouse

Smoke generator for cold smoking smokehouseDuring cold smoking never не используйте shavings хвойных деревьев: ели, сосны и так далее. Причиной тому является их смолянистость.

The best for smoking are sawdust fruit trees. An excellent option are: apple, pear, cherry. If suddenly it happened that the sawdust of this type of trees is not, then they can be replaced by shavings: willow, oak, alder.

Well, your smoked products will look great, if at the end of the process in the smokehouse put a sprig juniper.

You can also use briquettes and cassettes for smoking. They can be purchased in stores.

How to make a lamp on your own

In order to make a cold-smoked smoke lamp yourself, special training is not required. You just need a great desire, golden hands, materials and some tools.

The first version of the oil lamp

  • At the bottom of the furnace stacked iron sheet. Thanks to him, the embers will smolder evenly.
  • Scooped up chimney. Its depth is equal to the spade's bayonet, and its width to the width of the spade.
  • After that, the chimney is closed with iron or slate and sprinkled with earth. This is done in order to avoid smoke.
  • Take the usual barrel below mount lattice. This is done so that you can put a filter that protects the product from soot and the resulting tar. The filter can be: burlap, serpyanka.
  • Top mounted metal pipe. On it products for smoking will fasten. A good material for the pipe will be stainless steel. The hook must be no less than ten millimeters.
  • From above the smoking shed is covered with an iron sheet.

Homemade smokehouseThe second version of the smoke smoked cold

  • Find a box or barrel.
  • Attach to her smoke generator.

That's all. Such a smokehouse is more convenient, it can be moved to any other place, if the need arises.

Subtleties of the construction of the smokehouse

  • Be sure to choose the optimal place for the smokehouse. There should not be any flammable materials.
  • Consider the distance to the neighbors. Few people will like the smoke.
  • For the construction of the chimney, use pegs and cord. First make the markup and then dig it out for it. On its walls put a brick on the edge. The used solution is clay and sand.

How to cool smoke

This problem can be solved in several ways.

  • Extend the hose filing smoke in the smokehouse. The length of the hose must be such that, as it passes through it, the smoke will gradually cool.
  • Used by running water. You collect the simplest water cooler from brass or copper tubes.
  • If you use firewood when smoking, it is regulated to cool the smoke. number of pipe bends.

Tips that will be useful

  • Cold Smoked Smokehouse своими рукамиAlways make sure that temperature in the oil lamp was at an acceptable rate.
  • It is best to start smoking in the morning.
  • Do not start smoking in bad weather.
  • Often look into the camera for smoking is not worth it.
  • Install in the smokehouse grease tray.

As you can see a lot of effort is not required in order to build a smokehouse for cold smoking. All work can be done. in a day. But then you will enjoy the beautiful hand-made smoked meats. Your family and friends will be happy to try new delicacies. Only this will all happen after the smokehouse will stand on your site. So do not waste time and get to work and believe that you will succeed.