Making a crusher with your own hands

Homemade crusherIn the dacha farm should always be a maximum of improvised means and objects that facilitate the daily care of the house, garden and garden. For a rural dweller, it is perfectly useful to have a crusher, with which you can grind both hard materials and fragile ones.

This machine is used to destroy stones, crush metal objects, wood, household waste, plastics etc. This machine is used both in industry and in everyday life.

In the household, it can become a real universal device. Experienced and economical summer residents during the spring-summer season collect in separate piles the pruning of fruit bushes, weeds, and then grind this material with the help of a crusher, fine fertilizer for garden plants and trees.


  • 1 Crusher Types
  • 2 How does a homemade grinder work?
  • 3 Making a crusher with your own hands.
  • 4 Step by step instruction:
    • 4.1 Install the cutters
    • 4.2 We collect crusher frame
    • 4.3 Install the hood and bowl for receiving material.
  • 5 nuances of preparation and assembly
  • 6 How to use a homemade crusher?

Crusher Types

This device by type of use is divided into crushers for:

  • plastics;
  • domestic waste;
  • metal;
  • wood;
  • stone

Also, this unit is classified by size, highlighting the large (0.3 m), small (0.02 m) and medium crushing machines (0.1 m).

Depending on the features of the device, there are:

  • knife devices;
  • cone-shaped crushers;
  • tiled machines;
  • rotary knife machines.

Mini crusherIf you need to chop hard materials, you can safely use knife apparatus. It has the power to destroy items of this kind. And in order to grind them, apply rotary knife crushers. Their main purpose is secondary waste crushing. Currently, such devices are produced in small quantities, as foreign-made crushers are gradually replacing domestic ones due to better quality.

On the production most often used such devices that grind the material due to approach of two plates. Such crushers are called jaw crushers. They perfectly process asphalt, reinforced concrete, building stone. In some cases, they are even used for crushing glass and ceramics.

Especially strong building materials are recycled. конусными crushers. The principle of their work is that at the moment when two cones, one of which is stationary, come closer, the solid object is crushed.

Crushers with rollers are considered to be convenient in home use. This design can also be made independently.

Non-solid materials, such as wood, household waste are crushed using a hammer mill.

How does a homemade grinder work?

A homemade grinder works just like a regular meat grinderin which the material, passing through the receiving bowl (drum) and entering the crushing system, is quickly crushed. The grinding compartment consists of a milling cutter and several cutters. The performance of the device depends entirely on the power rating. Since the homemade crusher will be used only at home, this figure should not exceed 2.6 kW.

Making a crusher with your own hands

Grass chopperBeing in anticipation of creating this unit, prepare the following materials:

  • motor; The acquired electric motor will ensure the creation of a silent machine capable of grinding waste in small quantities. In the process of work, it does not emit harmful substances, and its operation is possible both in the open air and indoors. Only minus electric motor - is a direct dependence on the power supply.
  • saws having a thickness of from 0.06 to 0.1 m, in the amount of 10−20 pieces (the more cutters, the better the crusher).
  • stud for stringing saws,
  • nuts and washers,
  • metal tubes (to create a crusher frame),
  • casing and hopper made of galvanized metal
  • welding machine.

Step-by-step instruction:

Install the cutters

  1. Crusher with your own handsEverything cutting saws put on a prepared axle. Their diameter should be equal to the diameter of the cutters. Installed discs are fixed with washers and nuts. In order that during the rotation of the saws their sharp edges do not touch each other, it is necessary to use special thin washers for breeding the saws. At the same time, the number of disks should be 1 more than pucks.
  2. When the disks are fixed and separated on the axis, set the pulley. It can be borrowed from a domestic car generator. In order for the stud to rotate, it is necessary to use two bearings with a diameter of 2 cm.

We collect crusher frame

  • Prepared metal tubes weld between themselves in the frame. Inside the structure are mounted two profiles necessary to strengthen the bunker and the grinding unit.
  • A metal sheet is welded to the frame, in it are doing holes for the motor and drum.
  • For durability of the construction, 4 legs are attached to the body.
  • Mounted the disk providing a belt tension. It should be positioned so that the saws move freely. In addition, this placement will allow to periodically adjust the disk belt.

Installing the casing and bowl for receiving material.

  1. The casing is put on the saw system.
  2. Bunker strengthened directly above the cutting unit.

The nuances of preparation and assembly

  • Before direct assembly, do not be lazy to draw a small drawing - this will clarify specific points of assembly and avoid problems when creating a device.
  • For high productivity of the device, it is necessary to install as many cutting disks as possible (up to 25 pieces) with a thickness of 0.1 m.
  • When working with harder materials than wood, it is best to use a motor block instead of an electric motor, since its power is much higher.
  • If you don’t want to worry about periodically undermining the machine’s cutters, purchase alloy wheels.
  • To create a head of the material in the grinding process, a bar should be attached to the structure opposite the bunker.

How to use a homemade crusher?

Homemade crusherA self-made grinding machine is considered universal device. Work with a homemade crusher is not limited to the processing of leaves or other small debris. A quality machine, created according to the above instructions, is capable of processing wood and household waste.

The described design, based on the horizontal arrangement of the cutting discs, is more reliable in terms of durability. In factory versions of crushers saws are installed verticallythat forces the user to constantly monitor the moisture content of the stems entering the device. Wet raw materials contribute to the breakdown of devices with such an arrangement of saws.

Making homemade shredder allows you to choose engine corresponding to the processed material.

Thus, showing a little imagination and skill, you can achieve amazing results. Indeed, while your neighbor is saving up for an expensive crusher, you will already be using the technical “fruit” of your efforts. Thanks to high-quality assembly homemade machine for grinding can be a versatile machine for crushing many materials, including solid.