Grafikart: pencil decor

Fragment of the triptych A walk in the city, N. Peak, Hermès. Panels 140 x 240 cm. Stained glass wardrobe from the Credenza collection. 2016, diz. P. Urquiola + F. Pepe, Spazio Pontaccio. Restaurant Dizengof 99 in Moscow, Crosby Studios. Decor in the style of Memphis. Mirrors New perspective Mirror, diz. A. Gilles, Bonaldo. Installation 50 manga chairs, diz. ABOUT. Sato (Nendo), Friedman Benda. Poster I love design, diz. D. Makkonen, one of the best Russian charts, was born in Tallinn. Table Skafaldo, diz. Unfold Studio. Three-dimensional printing, Materialize. Mosaic Puzzle, Diz. Э. Barber, Dž. Osgerbi, Mutina. Chanel. Ready to wear. Весна-лето 2016.

Looking at the podiums and showrooms, it may seem that in Europe at every corner began a massive distribution of colored pencils. They draw everything - fashion designers, furniture makers, architects, of course, graphic designers themselves. Hatching, drawing colored lines, sketching, sketching - who likes what more, the main thing is to have a feeling of quickly made drawing and translucent white paper. As part of the Milan Design Week, Hermès introduced a new collection of fabrics with graphics by the Northern Irish artist Nigel Pick. Patricia Urquiola and Federico Pepe covered colorful, as if from hand-drawn geometry, bright objects in the Credenza collection. A Japanese Oki Sato made an installation of 50 chairs in the style of hand-drawn cartoons. In order for pencil drawings to look as fashionable as possible, the lines must be crooked, the color is uneven, and the motifs are asymmetric. The most popular exhibitions and contests of the season are modern design and design posters.