Wallpapers: trending palm trees, tropics and paradise

On the wallpaper - orchids, palm trees, ferns, pineapples ... Tropics - an important theme of the collections of recent years. Leading publishers explained their love for faraway thickets and tropical flora, suggesting to bring the texture of Cambodia’s landscapes or, in extreme cases, the Croisette to our interior. At the same time exotic vegetation is the largest plan. A frequently repeated motif is the pattern of a pointed palm leaf, so beloved in the Art Deco era.

Croisette. Christian Lacroix для Designers Guild.

Fantasy designers feed long-distance travel. Routes: Indochina, Caribbean, Madagascar, “Land of Bliss” - the mythical island of Avalon and other exotic things set the tone. The green color, which so invigorates and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, acquires tropical juiciness or, on the contrary, a night shadow. The palette is from emerald to blue and muted black. The bright print translated into b / w looks exquisite and claims to be a timeless perspective. Luxury offers from top brands are multidimensional compositions with 3D effect, intricate shades and flawless graphics in the spirit of pastels by fashionable Parisian artist Julien Colombier. Christian Lacroix creative director Sasha Walckhoff, fashion illustrator Pierre Marie, fashion designers Matthew Williamson and Julian MacDonald were spotted among the authors of the tropical walls.

Коллекция Fantasque от Osborne & Little. 2016.

1. Garden of Osier, Hermes. Indian garden with flowers, shrubs and fountains - the original drawing of the artist Pierre Marie reflects the refined world, where flower abundance is a symbol of peace and prosperity. The image was created in the spirit of primitive art, decorative and optimistic.

Jardin d'Osier, Hermes Design by Pierre Marie. Jardin d'Osier, Hermes Design by Pierre Marie. Jardin d'Osier, Hermes Design by Pierre Marie.

2. Eden Roc. Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild. Non-woven wallpaper with a pattern of palm leaves. Zinc shades are enhanced by a metallic sheen. There is a spectacular option in b / w.

Eden Roc. Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild. Eden Roc. Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild. Eden Roc, Сanopy, Aqua Parati — Christian Lacroix для Designers Guild.

Another of the many varieties of floral motifs from Christian Lacroix is ​​the picturesque panorama of the Cannes Croisette. The French Riviera as an inspirational decor in delicate shades of sepia.

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3. Коллекция Tropicana, обои Cubana — дизайн Мэтью Уильямсон (Matthew Williamson) и коллекция Fantasque для Osborne & Little. Британский бренд Osborne & Little остро чувствует моду. Недаром его самые экстравагантные и богатые по цвету коллекции нарисованы фэшн-дизайнером Мэтью Уильямсоном. Наряду с коллекцией Tropicana с изображением пальмовых листьев (2013) им была представлена коллекция Eden — прекрасный и роскошный «сад наслаждений», райские цветы и птицы. Коллекция Fantasque (2016) посвящена художественным и культурным течениям начала ХХ века. Она впечатляет динамичной 3D-геометрией.

Коллекция Tropicana, обои Cubana. Matthew Williamson для Osborne & Little.

4. Honolulu, дизайн Джулиан МакДональд (Julien MacDonald), Graham & Brown. Пальмовые листья в темных и нейтральных оттенках — в изысканной серии британского фэшн-дизайнера Джулиана МакДональда, мастера сдержанного гламура и профессора Уэльского университета в Ньюпорте. Издает «Гонолулу» Graham & Brown — английская компания с богатой историей, выпускающая эксклюзивные бумажные обои.

Honolulu. Graham & Brown. Honolulu. Graham & Brown.

5. Panoramic Eden wallpaper from de Gournay. English brand de Gournay is known for luxurious offers for the decoration of the main rooms. In 1986, it was founded by Claude Cecil Gurne. Specialization: wall coverings, textiles and hand-painted porcelain, decorative parts. Panoramic wallpapers de Gournay broadcast the images of the Palladian villas and chambers of Versailles adorn the walls of famous hotels and modern palaces.

Panoramic Eden design wallpaper in Van Gogh painting technique. de gournay Fragment.

6. Collection Palmeral. House of Hackney. London-based House of Hackney is proud of its Palmeral wallpaper. The collection refers to the famous greenhouses of Loddija in the Hackney area. In Victorian times, greenhouses were famous for their huge collection of orchids and palm trees. Palmeral drawing is available not only on wallpaper, but also on curtains, curtains, velvet and cotton upholstery, bed linen. Shades: from yellow and grass to sea-green and coal-black.

Palmeral. House of Hackney. Palmeral. House of Hackney. Palmeral. House of Hackney. Palmeral. House of Hackney.

7. Papagayo, Amazon, Banana, Mauritius от Pierre Frey. The French brand Pierre Frey constantly interprets the theme of tropical flora. The 2016 offer is the equatorial jungle of the South American continent. The Papagayo print is created using authentic Aztec designs, and the Amazone collection broadcasts cacti and pineapples, which Pierre Frey claimed to be the most popular this season.

Papagayo. Collection by Pierre Frey. Amazon. Collection by Pierre Frey. Bananier. Collection by Pierre Frey. Mauritius. Pierre Frey collection. Mauritius. Collection Pierre Frey.

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8. Panoramic wallpaper from Anan. The manufacture of Bordeaux strictly follows the rich traditions of 18th century French painting. The collections have eloquent names: Borneo, Bali, Malabar, the banks of the Nile, Okavango fishermen, etc. Two-meter, five-meter and eight-meter panoramic landscapes can be made in the technique of sepia, engraving, grisaille, and, of course, in color.

Lombok. Together from Anan. Обои от Anan.