Tom dixon: liquid kitchen and bathroom products

Британский дизайнер Том Диксон (Tom Dixon) представит на парижской Maison & Objet коллекцию для ванных и кухонь. Она включает жидкость для мытья рук, бальзамы, подарочные наборы, контейнеры и даже светильники. Дизайнер, объясняет, что подобный шаг был просто необходим. В последнее время студия ведет множество гостиничных проектов, ресторанов и спа.

Lid collection includes containers of various sizes, brush holder, soap box. Everything can be made in various combinations. London liquid soap: black clay and coal. The fragrance includes notes of black pepper, oud wood, patchouli - the smell of London pavements and parks. London Hand Balm includes notes of rose oil and honey, is rich in antioxidants and moisturizes well. Containers Lid. The set of various sizes is made of white marble, blue glass and copper plates.

A series of balms and detergents released in three flavors: London, Royalty and Orientalist. In the manufacture of bathroom accessories used marble and glass. The luminaires are copper coated and are suitable for use in wet areas.

Liquid products from the Royalty collection: aromas of black tea and bergamot. Creams moisturize and restore the skin. Liquid funds from the Orientalist collection: rose oil, curcosa, ginger and fennel.