Teamlab: an extreme installation

TeamLab's designers created an immersive installation called Au-delà des limites. A fairy-tale world where everyone is an actor, not a spectator: any movement affects the digital environment, where the manga characters cross a forest of giant stems.

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Between art, science and technology - these are the formats developed by the Japanese team. Toshiyuki Inoko, the founder of TeamLab, created the production for 2000 sq. M. meters away Thirty engineers completed writing heavy computer programs, while developers in Paris-based La Villette lined the walls and floors of the rooms with thick black carpets.

The installation tezmLab is a vibrant landscape with fantastic fauna and flora, which, in a symphony of lights and sounds, develops in contact with the public and invites to be surprised.

• Grande Halle de La Villette, Paris, until September 9, 2018.