Studio job: own design museum

The museum, hotel, gallery and private villa are four in one. A new form of presentation of modern design was invented by Job Smits and Ninke Tinagel (Studio Job).

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Dutch duet, graduates of Design Academy Eindhoven, they do not leave the first lines of auction sales. The usual estimate of their richly decorated screens or huge gilded jugs reaches 100 thousand dollars. In 2012, Studio Job mastered another scale, creating the Studio Job House.

Ninke and Yob are posing on board the Firmship 42, which they designed.

If the European wilderness remained on earth, it was Bergeik, a town in Brabant, on the border of Holland and Belgium. And it is here, among the pine forest and farmers' fields, that the vigorous creative life does not stop. Half a century ago, in Bergeika, Gerrit Rietveld created an unusual architecture for the factory De Ploeg, a socialist cooperative that produced unique designer textiles.

Стол Paracarro, диз. Дж. Оффреди, Saporiti. 1970. Светильник Paper Chandelier, диз. Studio Job. Ваза, диз. Х. фон Бох, Villeroy & Boch. 1971. Стулья Gothik, диз. Studio Job, Moooi. Canteen. Wardrobe Wild One, Studio Job. Serving table, diz. G. Rietveld. 1945. Still Life Casket, diz. Studio Job, Tichelaar Makkum. Chairs Revolt, F. Kramer, Ahrend. 1958. Panthéon Carpet, Diz. Studio Job, Nodus. Second floor. Doors Underworld, diz. Studio Job. Wall lamp Tit, diz. Studio Job, Venini. Bed Labyrinth, Treca de Paris. Lamps, diz. Studio Job, Swarovski. The house has a lot of things from Venini, Royal Mosa. “When we learned that Hansgrohe has an exclusive collection of the Burulek brothers, we asked them for all the bath taps.” Bed Auronde, Diesel. F. de la Aj, Auping. 1974. Torscher 608, diz. Дж. Serfatti, Arteluce. 1971. Garden Pavilion Dinner for two, diz. Studio Job. 2011. Table and chairs, diz. G. Aulenti. 1970.

The place has become popular. Architects, painters and sculptors came here, including Sol LeWitte, Anselm Kiefer, Donald Judd. Around built villas; one of them was designed for the family of tobacco magnate Kruip by a student of Rietveld, DL Shterenberg. A simple white house, convenient and economical, turned out to be real luck. In the crisis of 2009, Yob and Ninke bought a house in the forest.

В реконструированном интерьере — синтез прошлого, когда дизайн был функциональным, и дня сегодняшнего, когда дизайн отражает индивидуальность. Светлые крашеные стены, практичный ковролин, оконные проемы без штор служат фоном для главных хитов — помимо всех ключевых объектов Studio Job тут выставлены работы Пита Хайн Эйка, Ричарда Хаттена, Viktor & Rolf, Геррита и Вима Ритвельдов, Мартина Виссера, Джорджа Нельсона. «Studio Job — открытый дом, где посетители могут обнаружить наши увлечения и достижения в безупречном контексте. Идеальное место!»

The author of the landscape solution is the architect M. Rise. In the garden sculpture Food Cart, Workshop van Lieshout. Fence on the sketch Studio Job.