Smart mirrors: the trend for the bathroom

The use of Android concerns not only computers and smartphones, but also jewelry, watches, clothing and interior items in the concept of Smart House. New mirrors with embedded platforms are created to conveniently display a variety of information, for example, weather, news, to-do list and much more. Memory Mirror appeared in US stores - devices equipped with video cameras and sensors. Memory Mirror allows you to virtually try on the outfit, choose the best clothes for the figure, pointing out the features of the figure. A special application displays the body in 3D, shows the percentage of fat and gives recommendations on how to adjust this, up to the list of exercises for each muscle group and the right diet for you.

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At the largest international exhibitions of electronics, such as CES (Las Vegas) or IFA (Berlin), the last two years, manufacturers compete in the "magic" mirrors for the home. "My light, mirror, say ..." It seems that the fabulous predictions and fantasies from thrillers by Hollywood cinematographers have already become a reality. One of the latest sensations is the smart mirror Microsoft Magic Mirror. Its capabilities are even more expanded. In particular, it can not only communicate useful information, but also recognize the faces of users. The latter function should help to form various information blocks depending on who is in front of the mirror. The Magic Mirror application is written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and uses the Microsoft Azure cloud service.