Pauline deltour: how to privatize the working office

Beauty Pauline Deltour (Pauline Deltour) belongs to a new generation of French designers. Her clients (Muji, Alessi, Lexon, or Puiforcat) choose Mademoiselle Deltour, relying on the quiet strength of her young talent and great taste, demonstrated in small forms. “I actually studied painting and design, I actually did it by chance,” says Pauline. “I was attracted by the fact that design is a“ manual ”occupation, close to art.” For the German Cor brand in 2017, Pauline and her Studio Pauline Deltour developed a collection of furniture: the Floater sofa and Drop tables and stools. Simple things help to quickly “privatize” office space. The concept involves many functions. “This is a new concept of a working lounge with a new modern look,” says Deltour. “High-quality materials and handcrafted parts convey homeliness and intimacy.”