Muriel brandonini: countess-decorator

Muriel Brandolini has been engaged in interior decoration for many years, is proud of his clientele and is constantly expanding his sphere of interests She skillfully combines the styles and traditions of different countries, knows first-hand about life in Vietnam, Venezuela and France.

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Her projects are marked by the world press, and the book “The World of Muriel Brandolini,” published six years ago by Rizzoli, has become almost a bestseller. She is able to combine vintage and collection design, loves color and is not afraid of large dynamic ornaments.

Small living room in a new york apartment. The walls are closed by the screens that Muriel Brandolini designed, looking at traditional Japanese screens.

The designer considers his approach to be intuitive. Working on the interiors, Muriel seeks to make houses and apartments eventually become portraits of the people who live in them. It fills the spaces with busy handicrafts and often attracts artisans who are sought around the world. For example, the walls of her own house are covered with a fabric on which her favorite quote from Hemingway is embroidered with beads. Embroiderers she found in Vietnam and without much difficulty, because Muriel herself has Vietnamese roots.

Living room in an apartment in Manhattan. Armchairs in blue upholstery, diz. W. Platner. Modular sofa, diz. P. Sharpen. Sometimes M. Brandolini plays in monochrome. The interior is decorated with tables of different styles and eras. There are - with crocodile scraps, there is - the Chinese era of Ming with table tops inlaid with mother of pearl. Dining room, apartment in Chelsea, New York. Behind the wall panels, which are painted by hand according to her sketches. M. Brandolini, - the entrance to the living room and storage system. Bedroom. Armchair Slice, Ligne Roset. 2016, diz. P. Sharpen composed of different-colored modules is a favorite subject of the decorator. Rooms in a townhouse, New Jersey. Wicker chairs emphasize the spirit of a country house. Living room, apartment in the Upper East Side. Muriel Brandolini rests on a bronze table, diz. M. Oka Doner. To the right is the living room with contrasting dark blue walls. Fedora Design Carpet. The book-album "World Muriel Brandolini", released by Rizzoli in 2011.

Of course, Muriel Brandolini "sells" the female interpretation of the modern bourgeois interior. But no one will condemn her for it, on the contrary, sensual interiors with an abundance of fabrics and attention to fine details, a lot of fans. In 1979, after several years with her mother in Martinique and in France, Muriel Brandolini began working in New York. By this time, she already had some experience as a stylist, and she undertook to improve a rented apartment, where she turned one of the walls into a collage of fabrics. Gradually improved skills and reached a professional level.

Muriel Brandolini, a successful decorator and traveler.

Брандолини гордится своей клиентурой, например, консультирует и работает с наследным принцем Греции Павлом и его супругой Мари-Шанталь, а также с членами знаменитой американской семьи Гетти. Мюриель замужем за банкиром, графом Нуньо Брандолини д’Адда, и у них двое детей, сын Брандо и дочь Филиппа. Мюриель Брандолини под собственным именем выпускает домашний текстиль, который продается на Манхэттене в шоу-руме Holland & Sherry. Одновременно там представлены 17 коллекций, в которых дизайнер варьирует цветочные мотивы, геометрический и традиционный орнамент.

Muriel Brandolini - master of excess interior. Maximalism and bohemian chic it combines with the right choice of subject and art. Brandolini came up with a table made of red lacquer and a wall with a decorative inset, at the same time resembling red corals and deer horns. Armchair upholstered in antique fabric. Table S.A.M., diz. M. Shikeli, Fedora Design Carpet.

In Southampton, Muriel Brandolini opened her own Life by Muriel Brandolini store. “A bit of everything from around the world,” says the designer. - Accessories, textiles, tableware, sculpture ".