Immodest luxury formitalia

The history of the company Formitalia - the history of commercial success. The brothers David and Gianni Overy who founded it intelligently built a strategy. Already the first collection, which saw the light in 1991, left no doubt: the buyer is offered a frank suite. One glance at it was enough to understand that this furniture is addressed to fans of status luxury. This was also discussed by the upholstery in Florentine leather embossed with an alligator and an ostrich, and a metal finish in gold, and logos depicting profiles of thoroughbred horses. And the name itself - Boutique Collection - testified to the exclusivity. Step by step, new brands and collections were added to the company - among them, for example, Tonino Lamborghini, Aston Martin or Mercedes-Benz Style, they were created in collaboration with brands that are associated with luxury. Thus, today we are dealing with a powerful education Formitalia Luxury Group. Their furniture adorns the villas, hotels and residences on different continents. In recent years, the commercial success of the company and licensed brands is provided by the distribution through a network of boutiques in more than 50 countries.

Dining table call. Elvira, 2016. Dining table and chairs call. Elvira, 2016. Chairs call Elvira, 2016. The chair of the call. Granada, Formitalia, 2016. Divan from the col. Granada, Formitalia, 2016.

In the new collection, presented at the Milan Furniture Salon, Formitalia once again demonstrated its vision of luxury. This time the emphasis was on the quality of textures. The table from the Elvira collection attracts with the contrast of materials: tabletops made of wenge and the base, covered with seta Powder leather and quilted with a touch of powder and brass elements. On the base of the table, you can see the logo depicting the head of a thoroughbred horse - the trademark of Formitalia. The same decorates the backs of chairs. The sofa and armchair Granada are a variation on the theme of the classic Chesterfield model. Its features: captain cap and armrests, which continue to back. The Formitalia version is made in Vogue Jade leather and is complemented with inlays of tinted gray oak and golden metal. Unusual compared to the classic chesterfield are thin, also metatallic, legs.

Modular programs from Formitalia allow you to create giant sofas with rounded shapes. In the composition of the integrated "hard" modules that serve as tables. Modular programs from Formitalia allow you to create giant sofas with rounded shapes. In the composition of the integrated "hard" modules that serve as tables. Composition Sitting A'Round. Diam on request (on the photo: 6 m 80 cm). The combination of smooth leather with crocodile-embossed. Gotham chair, call. Samuele Mazza Timelessinteriors, Formitalia Luxury Group. Structure: MDF under a varnish, external details are covered with a bronze or a smoky mirror. Supplement: brass profile. Royal bed, call. Glamor, diz. S. Mazza, Formitalia. Divan Muzio, col. Glamor, Diz. S. Macca, Formitalia. Royal bed and bedside table, call. Glamor, diz. S. Mazza, Formitalia. Ulrich couch, call. Samuele Mazza Timelessinteriors, Formitalia Luxury Group. Structure of solid wood. Filling: foam, springs, elastic belts. Finish: glossy varnish, brass. Shaula rocking chair with removable pillows. Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection. Weave from polymer.

An important role in the formation of the brand was played by designer Samuele Mazza. In his youth, which came in the 80s, he was successful in the fashion business. The next step was the publication of monographs on great fashion designers, after which Mazza switched to furniture design. He made a significant contribution to the formation of several well-known furniture brands, but the cooperation with the Formitalia Luxury Group turned out to be particularly fruitful. Over time, a collection appeared, named after him, in which the designer used all his skills acquired in the luxury segment. According to the creators of the Samuele Mazza Timelessinteriors Sollection sets the format of a new luxury. It is inspired by the motives and lifestyle of the 1930s. Particular attention is paid to the heritage of the great Italian architect Piero Portalupi.

Sirio Collection: swivel high chairs with removable cushions and a glass top table. Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection. Metal carcass. Ulrich chair, call. Samuele Mazza Timelessinteriors, Formitalia Luxury Group. The frame is made of natural wood, upholstery - textiles. Decorative items made of metal.