I4 mariani: timeless luxury furniture

Under the i4 Mariani brand, furniture is sold that does not outpace fashion, but does not leave it. The style direction of the factory is restrained luxury: modern variations of Art Deco style, quiet neutral gamma, high quality materials.

The number 4 in the title reminds that the company was founded by four brothers Mariani: Biagio, Tarcisio, Umberto and Emilio. It happened in 1957, and since then a small family business turned into a large world-class factory. Today decisions are made by the third generation, working for the benefit of the family firm.

Furniture is produced in Brianza, north of Milan, in a region traditionally famous for its furniture industry. All processes - from the manufacture of metal and wooden frames to the upholstery - are performed at the factory. From the very beginning, a bet was made on a combination of new technologies and handicraft traditions passed from hand to hand. Particular attention is paid i4 Mariani dressing and leather processing. The ridge of the factory is items made of thick saddle leather (cuoio) - durable, resistant to external influences, work with which requires great skill. This material is used by the masters of i4 Mariani not only for upholstery of chairs, armchairs and sofas, but also in the decoration of shelves and desks.

A sofa from the Savile series of design by Alessandro Dubini - model 2015. Solid walnut carcass. The Blob chair was introduced by the company in 2015. The author, architect Umberto Aznago, set the task to create the most compact, yet comfortable model. The chair Woody (diz. Alessandro Dubini) demonstrates the immaculate work of the brand's masters with wood.

In the current range of two lines - for private and public spaces - sofas, armchairs, tables, storage systems. In the 60s, Andromeda and Selene systems became the bestseller. In the 80s, the company became famous for the Tucroma model, designed by Guido Faleskini (it was the first designer collection of the brand), and in the 80s - Insieme. In the 90s the Marnie collection was created, intended not only for residential interiors, but also for hotels, bars, restaurants. In 1992, a contract was signed for the furnishing of 11 Alitalia VIP rooms. Since the 1990s, i4 Mariani began the production of office furniture.

New, which i4 Mariani will present in April 2016 at Milan Design Week, - Niky sofa, diz. studio Lo Scalzo Moscheri. According to the authors, "the model embodies the concept of new elegance." Exquisite detail: "fold" on the armrest. Armchair Garbo, diz. Umberto Aznago. Wood, saddle leather. The name of the model in Italian means "elegance." Dining table, call. Papier, diz. Matteo Nunciati. Base in the skin. Top of marble. Also available in glass and saddle leather. Modular rack Beat, diz. Alessandro Dubini. Oak, saddle leather. Desk Artur, diz. Umberto Aznago. Walnut, saddle leather.

The real flourishing of the factory began when the collaboration with architects and designers began. Among the main authors who collaborate with the factory are Matteo Nunziati, Alessandro Dubini, Luca Scacchetti, Umberto Asnago and, of course, Mauro Lipparini, well known in Russia (Mauro Liaparini) “Today our annual turnover is 7 million euros. Switzerland has become the largest importing country, ”said Stefano Mariani, a representative of the family of the company's owners.

Desk Materica, diz. Matteo Nunciati. Walnut, marble, inlay. Additional compartments on top of saddle leather. Deckchair Ala, diz. Matteo Nunciati. Base walnut, leather upholstery. Chest, call. Papier, diz. Matteo Nunciati. The surfaces are trimmed with leather, which is decorated in such a way that it resembles cardboard (hence the name) Dimensions: 230.5 x 48 x 67.5 cm.