Secret stairs

apartment on two levels (160 m2)

Passing the gallery

Text: Olga Korotkova, Yuliya Sakharova

A photo: Zinur Razutdinov

Project author: Dmitry Kulish, Anna Karpova, Майкл Мирошкин

Magazine: Nha (142) 2009

The staircase is the most spectacular detail in this two-story space. The “inspection” of the whole room begins with it, and it is the staircase that serves as the planning core of the first floor.

Initially, the object was a flat in a townhouse of a not too large area - 160 square meters. m. And the layout, as often happens in townhouses, was cutting into many isolated rooms. The architects have completely revised the concept of space. The main idea of ​​zoning was the division into public and private parts. All public spaces and office located on the first floor. The second floor, private, is divided into two zones - bedrooms of parents and children and bathrooms with dressing rooms. On the first floor, the center of the composition was a sophisticated spectacular staircase made of metal, glass and wood. The railing was made as light as possible: a wooden handrail over a glass fence. The staircase is made of glass (steps, on the contrary, are made of wood so that it is comfortable to walk on them). She looks like a scene or catwalk. Functionally, it was possible to do without it, but the architects decided to make a design accent here, a kind of pause in space, to give the room a theatrical, ceremonial character. A lamp of the famous brand was placed under the platform. ARTEMIDEwhich gives the stairs an interesting highlight. From the stairs all the spaces are very harmonious. On one side of it lay the living room, on the other side organized a dining area and a bar, rolling in the kitchen. With this approach to planning it was possible to get the effect of an individual house with large spaces.

On the second floor, the difficulty lay in the fact that the ceiling - with attic bevels. Therefore, the bedroom and bathroom had to be designed taking into account the fact that the space does not have full height. Developed an individual design of the bed, made a special project of curtains. The parents' bathroom is partially integrated into the bedroom and is decoratively connected with it. As for color, the interior uses tones as close as possible to natural ones. The leading theme is a combination of gray-blue, sand and red. All together creates a cozy color balance. In contrast with the bright and at the same time soft black lacquered kitchen-island works. And part of the floor - at the entrance - is laid out of the active in color black-green granite.

Dmitry Kulish: "We were faced with an interesting architectural task - to organize a rather narrow two-story townhouse space so that the effect of a bright, spacious country house appeared ..."

Anna Karpova: “We have played an important role in color and materials. Saturated colors, sharp and soft tones, glossy surfaces, transparent glass, various wood species create an interesting game, a change of impressions, give the interior a complex character and respectability”