Total interior

Severintergaz office in St. Petersburg

Passing the gallery

Text: Olga Gvozdeva

A photo: Peter Lebedev

Idea: Егор Архипенко, Savely Archipenko

Magazine: N (120) 2007

The office of Severintergaz is less like an office. It is difficult to classify him, it is difficult for him to attribute office functions. This is a special living environment, which is in constant motion and ready to change right before your eyes.

About the new project tells the architect Savely Archipenko: “I can say that there is no other such office in St. Petersburg and is unlikely to appear in the near future. Of everything that can be seen here, much has been done for the first time. We made decisions not so much interior as semantic. The world changes, and the purpose If there were some standards that regulate how an office should look like a museum, now everything has changed. The situation is such that now it’s all merged. And an office today can look like a museum of modern art. then this is a place of work, space should be a self-sufficient object, installation, semantic maze. Everything influences its perception - environment, light, sound ... There is such a term - “total interior.” We thought out in advance how much time the visitor would spend They took into account the movement of people through the corridors, wrote a kind of scenario for the passage of clients from the reception desk to the cabinets, and designed the interior in such a way as to provide a person with a continuous change of impressions. This is a purely cinematic device ... "

First, the visitor sees a lighted reception desk on the first floor. Both the stand and the light box on the ceiling are made of onyx, the warm color of which contrasts with the cool shade of the concrete walls. Further on the glass staircase the guest climbs to the second floor, where his gaze rests on another reception desk in the form of a wooden shell. Passing through the corridor, a person enters the beam of a motion sensor and activates the "pulse of the office" - a large kinetic sphere, which begins to "breathe" over his head, alternately compressing and straightening his electronic-mechanical lungs. Further along it, another kinetic figure awaits him - a black and white striped panel in the op art style - optical art. The Petersburg context was also taken into account - one of the walls is decorated with a hologram with the image of the arrow of Vasilyevsky Island.

“I don’t want to call it all a concept,” says Savely Archipenko. - It is easy to come up with such a thing, but it is very difficult to implement in our conditions. For example, we did not immediately find out who can make a reception desk in the form of a shell. I would like to introduce more curved plastic into the project, but this, unfortunately, turned out to be technically impossible. "Pulse office" had to be ordered at a military factory ... It should be noted that we were very lucky with the customer. It was a unique situation. He first went to this office a year and a half after the start of work. Before that, we didn’t draw him any sketches or plans; we only showed a video for 3.5 minutes. "Very good!" - he said. And approved the project. The interior is almost entirely consistent with the pilot film. There were few changes, mostly related to the lighting system.

The volumetric-spatial solution, as our colleagues say, interested us second or even third. We sought to create a certain atmosphere. But here's a paradox: the atmosphere is impossible to design. You can design the walls, ceiling, ventilation system, but not the atmosphere. However, you can try to "collect" it from different elements. It seems we managed it. In any case, this is indicated by the reaction of the people who come here ... "