The car at the start

Automobile Salon "Avtomasya" in St. Petersburg Sergey Morozov

Passing the gallery

A photo: George Shablovsky

Text: Olga Gvozdeva

Project author: Sergey Morozov

Magazine: H (76) 2003

Automarket - a new genre in the annals of St. Petersburg. This is exactly the positioning of the Avtomasya auto salon on Flower, 16. However, there is a reason. Unlike monobrand salons, which are the majority, there are at least a dozen car brands represented here. In order for this entire variegated company to look organically in the same space, it was important to add exceptional features to the interior. Everything is unique here - from the size of retail space, which is unparalleled in the city, to the logo of the car dealership, where instead of the expected "courageous" name stands something childishly cute, "teddy". "We wanted everything in our salon to be unusual," says the author of the project. We must pay tribute: there is enough unusual. Particularly inspired by two points: climbing the stairs and, pardonne-moi, visiting the bathrooms. The staircase is associated with one of the most beautiful bridges - Bolsheokhtinsky. One of his towers is reproduced in detail, and the staircase itself, with its metal "entablature" crowning it, looks like a fallen truss of a bridge. In the bathrooms, on the contrary, no hint of man-made disasters. A clear row of cabs lined up on a black podium. Instead of a trivial hand dryer, there is a mysterious object suspended from the ceiling in the center of the room. Instead of lamps - projectors with color filters. Most of the giant squares is still empty: the automarket is gaining momentum. However, it already feels the power and strength, as felt "herds" of horsepower under the hood of a sports car, frozen at the start line.