Tartar with caviar

Chef Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow recipe Guillaume Joly

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Materials prepared: Julia Sakharova

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Magazine: Decor N3 (158) 2011

Guillaume Joly, chef of the Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow, specially prepared for the readers of the SALON-interior magazine, prepared a tar-tar according to an original recipe: tuna fillet is slightly pickled in a special sauce and served with a dressing of black caviar and sour cream

Cut the fish into cubes 5x5 mm. Crush garlic and ginger and mix with olive oil, soy sauce and lime juice. Season tartar sauce. Slice the onions and chervil. Put tartar on cold plates, garnished with sour cream with black caviar, greens, lime slice and crackers.

Tar – tar: Tuna fillet - 0.5 kg Salt, black pepper

Sauce: Olive oil - 30 g Soy sauce - 30 g Lime juice - 30 g Ginger - 15 g Garlic - 10 g

Dressing: Sour cream - 100 g Black caviar - 60 g Coriander - 30 g Green onion - 30 g Chervil - 30 g Lime - 1 pc.