Nina Campbell: "The strip is always in fashion"

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Materials prepared: Julia Sakharova

A photo: - press services

Magazine: Na (168) 2012

Strip - an ancient ornament. But for several thousand years, it has been recognized by the public as fashionable. We meet 2012 at the peak of interest in the strip

The strip is a universal ornament, which can be both solemn and chamber (depending on the context). Today, the chamber context is more relevant for the strip: for example, wallpaper in a small living room, study or boudoir can be striped. Moreover, they can only decorate one wall or part of the wall in order to improve the proportions of the room, visually raise the ceiling or create a suitable background for the fireplace or furniture group.

Interest in the strip with its unique ability to collect, arrange space - part of a huge interest in neoclassics and to the values ​​(and way of life) that it symbolizes - clarity, order, dimension, pairing. For so many people today, comfort and coziness are inconceivable outside this series of concepts.

Decorator Nina Campbell: “The strip is always in fashion, and today in particular. One of the reasons is that it is very easy to integrate it into the interior, it is perfectly combined with plain fabrics and floral ornaments. The strip "holds" the interior, gives it wholeness. If you want to make an easy restyling, change the interior is not completely, but only partially, I advise in this case, pay attention to the strip. Striped wallpaper, striped upholstery or curtains are simple solutions that change the look of the house. ”